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Alice's Corner features product reviews and tips from Alice Fakier, host of HGTV's hugely popular on-line show Ask Alice. You'll remember Alice as first runner up on HGTV's block buster television debut season of Design Star.

Alice says, "Helping others create beautiful rooms is my passion and HPD helps me do just that. I am looking forward to providing HPD customers product information and decorating tips to help them create luxurious looks they will love."

The view from my window…

Spring is so near, can't you just feel it? For me, spring serves as nature's reminder to let in the new. If I am open to the seasons, then my perspective remains fresh. I think that freshness translates right into my designs. In my own home, I look for opportunities to introduce something new and unexpected, a bit of shine and sparkle, a punch of color, an indoor nod to the new world emerging outside. And what better way to transition from nature's designs to interior design than with beautiful window treatments!

For my clients, I scour the shops, markets and the design media buzz for the next great thing. What will be fashion forward this season? What will be the trend substantial enough to transition into tradition? What is the new "gold standard"? Well, of course, the designers at HPD are prepared with a trio of new offerings that sing of spring.

Alice Fakier

Verona Faux Silk Taffeta

Verona Faux Silk Taffeta
For those who love luxury:

You simply must click on over to the new "Verona Faux Silk Taffeta" featured on this web site and order a swatch. It looks like silk; it feels like silk; you will not believe it's not silk! And, you won’t believe the low per-panel price or even the short shipping time on a standard 50X84 size. But it’s the color that will captivate. It’s bold and it’s beautiful. If you’ve been reading Alice's Corner all along, you know I am enthralled with the HPD golds. The designers have mastered both depth and sheen with their selection of gold silks. Now they have brought that same quality to their exclusive taffeta fabrics and it is absolutely stunning. For the Verona, they have combined the gold with that most imperial of colors, purple. For centuries, purple has been recognized as the symbol of royalty. The history of the color is rich with intrigue. Creating the original dyes was a difficult and expensive process so only those of royal birth and office could afford purple fabrics. The ancient Romans punished pretenders to the throne who wore the color. The HPD designers have captured all that drama in a bold alternating wide stripe of the most regal purple and gold. Even better, they have created it in their high-performance and oh-so-affordable taffeta.


Milazzao Faux Silk Taffeta
My favorite find…

And, speaking of taffeta, you’ll want to look at the new Milazzao Faux Silk as well. You know I love the HPD golds and here they have combined two shades, one a yellow gold with another just a bit bronzy, in their signature stripe to make me love it twice as much. Again, you will not believe the very low 50x80 per-panel price! These draperies are of the same high-quality you've come to expect from all the HPD offerings. They have the ivory batiste cotton lining as well as the insulating heavy flannel interlining and buckram heading. These features set them apart from most ready-made panels that are usually unlined. The HPD lining, interlining and headings give their draperies "heft" and body. You feel the difference the moment you lift them from the box. Once hung, HPD panels keep their shape and hold the integrity of both color and design against the light of your windows. In addition, HPD includes an attached drapery hook belt should you wish to hang your drapes using drapery rings and the draperies are tailored with a 3" pole pocket should you wish to thread them directly onto your drapery pole. I love the instant gratification that these panels afford both me and my clients. It's instant, trouble free, happiness!


Morocco Silk
Understated elegance…

The HPD offerings in embroidered silk are absolutely exquisite. The new Morocco silk is exceptionally beautiful with an all-over filigree of delicate vines creating a diamond pattern across a shimmering field of the finest silk. HPD has fashioned them for you in a collection of colors that should suit any design, from cool "Silver Sienna" to warm "Beige Mocha", neutral "Cream" and soothing "Moss". Too, HPD can make these in four lengths ranging from 84" to a dramatic 124" length. If your ceilings are that high, lucky you! If not, these silks look fabulously luxurious tied back with a tassel (just like in the HPD photo!) and puddling on a rich, dark-wood floor. The 50x84 pole pocket stock size is an absolute steal for those looking for affordable luxury. Order a swatch to see and feel this beautiful silk for your self. Indulge yourself in spring and in the new.


Around the corner....

I hope you will check in with me again next month for more from my corner where I promise to share all my fabulous (and affordable!) finds from the HPD collection