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brown Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are a classic look in any home. With our large range of cotton or synthetic velvet fabrics, you don't have to settle for choosing between beauty and practicality. See more..
In addition to polyester velvet curtains in over a dozen colors, Half Price Drape's velvet curtains are lined with blackout thermal lining to keep light out, and insulate your home against loss of heating or cooling. Need help choosing? Get up to $10 worth of free fabric swatches to find an ideal match.
Signature New Fawn Blackout Velvet Curtain
Yvonne M.
Love it--great color options and nice fabric
Signature Java Blackout Velvet Curtain
caralucy from Canby,OR,
I was hoping this drape would work and in the end it did not, no fault of the drape. It is beautiful, the fabric is plush without being stiff. It has three ways to hang the curtain, through the normal casing, with drapery hooks and through wide straps on the back of the drape. I thought this was a very nice feature. Beautiful, and if it is in your budget, a great purchase!
Signature Java Blackout Velvet Curtain
zizzi from NorthernCalifornia,
I just wanted to add my voice to these songs of praise for these beautifully made draperies. I ordered them on Sunday and they were here on Tuesday, to my surprised delight. I wanted to have them for Thanksgiving and they came even a day earlier than i thought they would. They are my exact dream come true that I have wanted for a very long time. In fact, I have imagined them hanging in my living room for so long, that after i got them up, they looked completely normal, as if they had always belonged there. The lining is a very mellow creamy white and i do think the thermal properties are making my usually too-cold room warmer. Yes, they are amazing and i am happy.