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Embroidered Faux Silk Curtains

Silk is known for its incredibly smooth, sleek texture but for those who want the luxury and timeless elegance of silk, but also want a more interesting texture, embroidered faux silk curtains are the perfect choice. See more..
We have more than a dozen options of embroidered faux silk curtains for you to fall in love with at Half Price Drapes. From our Champagne embroidered faux silk curtains that instantly bring to mind a classy brunch to our Chai Silver embroidered faux silk taffeta curtains, with their gentle shine, incredible sparkle, and romantic allure, we offer you many options. You do want a large selection and you do insist on great quality – but what about the best deal? If you’re a savvy shopper then you know it’s not worth it to get a great deal if it means the curtains you buy are of terrible quality. At Half Price Drapes you finally get the best of both worlds. We offer great prices, incredible quality – plus one of the best selections you’ll see anywhere. It’s truly a win-win-win for every customer. When you open your delivery and see the unique sheen and fine weave of our embroidered faux silk curtains, you won’t be able to help but be amazed. These are gorgeous, timeless patterned faux silk curtains that are fresh, crisp, and smooth. The contrasting embroidery helps take them to the next level and creates both a pop of interest and a unique texture. Faux silk gives you a look that’s virtually identical to pure silk yet it comes at a much lower price point and is much easier to take care of. Get the quality you want with the affordable prices you need by shopping with Half Price Drapes. To ensure you get the best fullness, order between two and three times the width of your window or opening.
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Trophy Syrah Embroidered Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain
Joseph Dylan
Gorgeous!!!These drapes are gorgeous! They add an elegance and a richness to the room that can't be beat.
Chai Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain
Walter D
These are GORGEOUS curtains that make my room look absolutely beautiful! Quality is amazing.
Trophy Syrah Embroidered Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain
Dawn H.
"These are elegant drapes, they were exactly what I wanted! Spot ironing is all they required, I love the shimmer of the material! Helpful!! "