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Faux Silk Curtains

There’s nothing quite like the elegance of faux silk curtains. They hang dramatically, they pool on the ground perfectly, and their texture is truly unique. At Half Price Drapes we offer a wide selection of pattern curtains, striped curtains, and many more. See more..
Take a look at our horizontal striped curtains with neutral color palettes that fit in with a wide range of styles and decors. Find your perfect vertically striped curtains in color combinations ranging from bold to classic. Or browse our modern and contemporary line called The Fifth Element, where modern and contemporary meet sophisticated and unique. You’ll appreciate our wide selection of faux silk jacquard curtains that manage to be both practical and elegant and are offered at some of the lowest prices you’ll ever see for curtains of this quality. Take a peek at our flocked faux silk curtains to see that pattern curtains can be both bright and elegant at the same time. Faux silk curtains are a more affordable way to get virtually all the benefits of pure silk. They have the same luxurious texture, the same smoothness, and the same softness. Faux silk drapery panels are also very durable. The options available to you at Half Price Drapes include a tight weave with a glowing sheen – just like you’d get with a pure silk panel. Choose a lined panel and you’ll have curtains that are even stronger and that offer superior light controlling properties. Plus, they’ll keep the cold away in the winter and prevent the sun from heating your rooms in the summer. Faux silk curtains are also easier to maintain and clean compared to pure silk. Many of the panels can simply be washed, ironed and hung again. With a great low price and a high quality, there are many reasons to consider faux silk instead of pure silk. When you shop with Half Price Drapes you’ll have many options. Get the simplicity of minimally textured vintage inspired faux dupioni silk in in a dozen lovely solid colors. Or choose the crisp texture of taffeta in dozens of colors or the more finished ruched faux silk taffeta in colors like gold nugget, jet black, honey, azul, and robins egg. Our yarn dyed faux dupioni silk curtains are available to you in both neutral and iridescent colors like pacific storm, empire gold, and blood orange. With so many options, you may be at a loss as to wear to start. The good news is that we offer free fabric swatches of most of our fabrics – including our faux silk fabrics. You can select up to $10 worth of fabric swatches and pay just USPS shipping fees. Once they arrive at your home, you can feel the difference between these lovely fabrics and make the right choice for your home.
Navy Blue Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain
sammyp1 from NY NY
Peacock Vintage Textured Faux Dupioni Silk Curtain
adelmom from Adel, IA
Finally...a great weight and fabric with a bold beautiful color! They are lined so they really block the light. The peacock blue isn't too teal or too blue. Really nice curtains that add richness to the room.
Graphite Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain
sc60490 from Chicago
I LOVE these curtains! They are even more beautiful in person...such a deal...Thank you halfpricedrapes!