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Fitted Bed Sheets

We offer an array of bed sheets to match your sleeping preferences, from the finest cotton to microfiber, these sheets will fit snugly on any mattress size. Because Half Price Drapes’ fitted sheets are extremely soft and durable, we know you will fall asleep easily in our quality bed sheets night after night. For answers to all of your questions, contact the experts at Half Price Drapes today!

These smooth finish sheets provide a Aloe Vera Treatment that is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin.  Made to feel like your favorite cotton T-shirt, these sheets help maintain body temperature ensuring a great night of sleep.  Fitted sheets that are soft and durable is the Knit Craze® promise.

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Combed Cotton Jersey Fitted Sheet with Aloe Vera Treatment

Tired of your fitted sheet coming off of the mattress?  These Spandex Jersey Fitted Sheets have solved the problem.  Highly stretchable, these sheets will fit snug around any mattress while providing a high level of comfort and reduce any orders with our Antibacterial Treatment.

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Cotton Spandex Jersey Fitted Sheet With Antibacterial Treatment

Sensitive skin, then this Microfiber Fitted sheet is just what you need.  The interlocking knitting technique provides a softer-than silk feel ensuring a more enjoy night of sleep.  A restless night of sleep is something in the past after you try this bed sheet.

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Microfiber Interlock Fitted Sheet

These fitted sheets use the high quality spun cotton to ensure you have a relaxed night of sleep.  Our products have extraordinary longevity while still providing a comfortable and cozy feel.  Knit Craze® fitted sheets will always fit snug around your mattress and stay wrinkle-free.

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Cotton Jersey Fitted Sheet