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Linen Sheers

People looking for subtle, romantic, elegant curtains need look no further than linen sheer curtains. At Half Price Drapes we offer a concise palette to choose from, including rich cream, natural tan, a less translucent tan, pure white, antique white, and grey. See more..
Some of our linen sheers are almost completely translucent while others have more color and body to them. Browse through your options and decide which one will work best for you. Do you want to let in maximize light while still offering modest privacy? Then consider the sheerest of sheers. Do you want to let in plenty of light but have a little more privacy? Then our darker linen sheer curtains are the best bet for you. If you’re having trouble visualizing how these curtains would look in your home, take advantage of our free fabric swatch program that allows you to get $10 worth of fabric swatches for free! All you pay is a small USPS shipping fee. These sheers are 62% linen and 38% polyester for maximum quality and the right texture. Our curtains have a weighted hem, unless otherwise noted, to assure they’ll flow well but will still stay anchored in place. They are sold per panel and each panel is 50 inches wide, unless otherwise noted. Keep in mind that we recommend you buy enough panels to cover your window or opening by two or three times to ensure you can install them to hang properly. The length will vary based on which color you select. Generally speaking, you should have several lengths to choose from so you can decide if you want them to just come to the floor or pool dramatically. Many homeowners are also hanging their curtains from just below their ceiling to create a dramatic look and help the room look taller.
Signature Birch French Linen Sheer Curtain
stunning. Long, wrinkled after wash but in an intentional, traditional way...
Signature Antique Lace French Linen Sheer Curtain
These linen panels are perfect. Comparable linen sheers were ***/ panel in local stores. I used a 20% off coupon and purchased each panel for ***. These are not lace. They are simply eggshell colored linen.
Open Weave Cream Linen Sheer Curtain
swirski from Virginia,
Good product and very nice finish. Wide pockets for a large rod.