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Signature Double Layered Voile Sheers

We have taken our most popular sheers and doubled their appeal: by putting two layers of our sheer voile together, we increase their ability to filter light and to add a bit more privacy. See more..
Kept in stock in single and double wide widths, we can ship them right away, or you can order custom widths, lengths and headers for a completely tailor-made product.  
Signature Extra Wide Grey Sheer Curtain
Love these. Not quite as opaque as I would like so I am layering two sets, I want light but I don't want to see through.
Signature Double Layered White Sheer Curtain
4qualitybuying from Kentucky
gives enough privacy with still letting enough light in.
Signature Double Layered Off White Sheer Curtain
rdhoffa from Mississippi,
Great quality fabric and excellent fabrication make these double layer sheers look much more expensive than they actually are. I bought them in white and they look great with all the curtains in my house. I wish they came in a 102" length.