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Extra Wide Curtains

Extra Wide Curtains
If you have large windows, it can be a struggle to find extra wide curtains for a decent price, without losing a look of elegance. Half Price Drapes offers you a wide variety of beautiful drapes specially made for extra wide windows. See more..
From faux silk taffeta to plush velvet in gorgeous colors and textures, there is no shortage to choose from. Our curtains make for easy hanging, with 3" pole pockets with back tabs or 15 nickel finish grommets, and weighted hems for a clean look. Contact our experts today!
Signature Burgundy Extra Wide Velvet Blackout Pole Pocket Curtain
kmpgtp from Chicago suburb
These panels are great, I have floor to ceiling windows and it is so dark in my room I slept past 5:30 a.m. I am very happy with this purchase.
Signature Silver Grey Extra Wide Velvet Blackout Pole Pocket Curtains
sscheide from Boston, MA
These are described as "extra wide." Well, yes, because there is a seam in them! That's why I didn't give them 5 stars. Each panel is two pieces of fabric sewn together, which isn't visible in the picture. It's also not visible when the curtains are open, and only a minor distraction when they're closed. The velvet fabric feels a little bit more like velour than velvet, but they are very rich and plush looking, and they do a darned good job keeping sunlight out. I am hoping these will help control the temperature in my living room in the summer. I get the western light and in the summer later afternoon is brutally hot. They also enable me to watch my plasma TV when it's sunny without glare! I like them a lot, but I think they were a wee bit too expensive. Just a bit.
Biscotti Grommet Extra Wide Blackout Curtain
These curtains are nice and thick. They genuinely block all light out. Perfect for me and my husband's crazy shift work schedules. Well made and still look great!