Tie-Up Window Shades

You will instantly fall in love with our Tie-Up shade. These Shade keep the light out and provides optimal thermal insulation.

Blackout & Room Darkening Tie-Up Window Shades

Shop a wide varietry of pattern and printed and solid tie-up shades.  Perfect for a kitchen or nursery these tie-up shades offer light blocking capabilities.  Untie the shade to turn into a 63" curtain panel.

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Linen Tie-Up Window Shades

The linen tie-up shades come in a number of great solid colors.  These textured shades can easily be converted into a 63" panel.  Keep the light our and the heat in with these optimal thermal insulated tie-up shades.

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Cotton Tie-Up Window Shades

From fun prints to casual solids and even striped woven cottons, these cotton tie-up shades can be used in a number of rooms.  Shop a great selection of room darkening tie-up shades.

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Faux Silk Tie-Up Window Shades

The selection of solid colors in this collection can tie any room together.  Using our privacy lining, these shades will help block out the light and keep the heat in.  Shades act as a 2 for one, simply untie the shade and turn it into a 63" panel.

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