Our workrooms know no borders.
The Finest Craftsmanship From Around the World.
Half Price Drapes employs artisans from around the world, including right here in the United States, to produce our Curtains, Shades, Hardware, and Accessories. Many of our products are handmade by traditional Old World craftsmen in small villages and towns who have practiced their weaving and embroidery techniques for centuries. One example is our Cotton Crewel Embroidery, which is stitched by hand on a cotton fabric produced on wooden looms.
A Cut Above
We have been employing the same workrooms for years to hone our production standards and continue delivering the high-quality products our customers have come to expect from us. In addition, by nurturing our relationships with these workrooms, we have fostered the sense of family we feel is at the core of our success.
Time-Tested Expertise
From our workroom to your front porch, Half Price Drapes has spent the last ten years perfecting every step of the journey from start to finish. Our history speaks for itself, with a decade of steady growth in the window coverings industry.
Paving The Way
Most big-box retailers compromise on quality to compete on price. Other companies give luxury at a higher price; with Half Price Drapes, you get the best of both worlds – luxury for less.
High Quality Fabric
We are sourcing the best material from around the world than cutting and creating to your unique specifications.
Discount Pricing
We buy responsibly in large quantities from vendors, allowing us to give you the highest quality window treatments at the lowest price possible.
Here to Help
With 16 years of experience, we can tell you exactly which curtain or shade will fit both your home and your personality.
Experience Our Passion
Our love of window treatments goes beyond typical. Render your home in bold yet timeless style with our helpful video tips.