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Yarn Dyed Faux Dupioni Silk Curtains

Each of our Yarn Dyed Faux Dupioni Silks is woven with a carefully chosen array of yarn that blends to create unique colors and heightened textures.  Despite its highly textured look, these fabrics have a surprisingly soft feel and a heavy fall. See more..
 When you need to add a design element, but aren’t comfortable adding pattern, adding texture is a sophisticated choice.  Our standard dual lining of flannel and woven cotton, polyester, enhances the weight and fall of this curtain and helps to protect it from the elements. Woven from 100% polyester.
Winter Ivory Yarn Dyed Faux Dupioni Silk Curtain
Brad Rein
I would consider this not semi-opaque as it has a cotton liner on the back . But I do not use it as a blackout curtain. I only use it as dressing for a window that has shutters. This a beautiful curtain! I have several around my home. The Dupioni Silk panels are very nice!
Fiji Yarn Dyed Faux Dupioni Silk Curtain
Ellen Lee
These are fabulous! Color was a perfect match to my rug. They are quality made drapes- lined and weighed. I sew my own drapes and these are top quality. I hung them and they have very few wrinkles. I am thrilled.
Blood Orange Yarn Dyed Faux Dupioni Silk Curtain
Brain Martin
These curtains feel very high quality and look gorgeous!