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are the soul of our business and with that kind of passion for fabric, Half Price Drapes has been specializing in designer quality

window treatments

for years. Our talented staff is adept at working closely with our clients to deliver the best in window treatment products such as velvet drapes and linen curtains to name but a few of our popular pieces.

We at Half Price Drapes have made a commitment to providing you with the highest quality draperies at the lowest price available. Many people interested in redecorating their homes assume that high-end luxury must come at a high price. At Half Price Drapes, we pass the savings on to our customers and offer you a consistent bargain no matter what type of curtains you're looking for. We invite you to visit our design studio located in the California's Bay Area to explore our selection of draperies offered in a variety of fabrics - taffeta
silk curtains
, linen, velvet and sheer
to name a few. For the rest of our loyal customers across the globe, our full web site will provide a window into our design possibilities.

We maintain a helpful and knowledgeable staff available to assist you in all your drapery needs. Half Price Drapes is proud of its long history in the industry and looks forward to making your home design dreams a reality. Call us today to work with our design professionals or check out our References section.