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Antique Bronze Wooden Curtain Hardware

When you want the look of an antique but the quality of a modern accessory, the antique wooden curtain rods from Half Price Drapes are your perfect choice. We offer six different options, each with an antique bronze finish that brings to mind the elegance and class of years gone by. See more..
These are purposely distressed so anyone who sees them would think at a glance that you’ve scoured the antique stores and spent a pretty penny for this look. Fortunately, we make it not only affordable but easy to get the style you love. Choose from half a dozen finial options including Istanbul with its starburst-like shape, the classic Sussex, the Devonshire, Crown, Sofia, or the elaborate Fancy. Take a look at each of these shapes and ask yourself which one fits in best with your curtains, the rest of your décor, your furniture, and your art. Then buy with the confidence that you’re working with a company that takes quality seriously. Purchase our bronze wooden curtain rods and get a lot more than a simple rod: get everything you need to hang your window treatments. Each set comes with the rod itself, two finials, two or three brackets depending on the size of the set you choose, and two-inch wooden rings. Check each style to see specifically what’s available but generally speaking, we offer four-foot, six-foot, and eight-foot long rods. The four-foot and six-foot rods both come with two brackets while the eight-food rod gets three brackets. Likewise, the number of rings you get will depend on the length of the rod you choose. A four-foot rod generally includes 16 wooden rings, a six-foot rod typically comes with 20 wooden rings, and an eight-foot rood usually has 24 wooden rings. Do you have questions about these or other products? Reach out to Half Price Drapes today!