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2016 Design Trends to Say Goodbye To

We recently shared some of the anticipated 2017 design trends that experts say are going to take the world of interior designs by storm, but today at Half Price Drapes we’re going to discuss some of the 2016 trends that those same experts swear are heading to the past.

Say goodbye to quote art

You know what they’re talking about – art that has a cliché saying on it. Experts say that this once-popular trend has been overdone and that homeowners are moving on from it. Instead, expect to see art that has more interesting colors and textures, and even elements of nature.

Say goodbye to furniture that’s inspired by industrial designs

For the past few years, industrial-style furniture has been in fashion. Some homeowners weren’t particularly happy about this trend, because it wasn’t always very comfortable, and those homeowners will be glad to see that this trend is on the way out. However, designers are saying that the future design for furniture is going to look toward science fiction – which may not end up being much more comfortable. They do say that some types of industrial design will remain popular (most especially exposed brick) they also say that the design favorites are going not only toward science fiction but steampunk, which is a type of décor that combines Victorian-inspired elegance (think velvet draperies and furniture) and machine-style accents.

Say goodbye to bland colors

Many designers say that they’re sick of the grays and beiges that were so popular in 2016 and are looking to add more color. The most popular way they claim it will come through will be in cool colors and peppier bright colors in small doses.

Say goodbye to oversized furniture

There’s been a trend toward large desks, sectional couches, and other oversized furniture. Designers are moving away from this not necessarily because they no longer like it, but because living spaces are getting smaller. Homes are getting smaller, apartments are shrinking, and more people have multi-purpose spaces that can’t handle an enormous couch. No matter what your preferences are, remember that these design trends are only a starting point. The best advice that Half Price Drapes has to offer is that you should be true to your own likes. While specific designs may come in and out of style, your own preferences will last much longer. Choose furniture, draperies, and accessories that you love, and you can’t go wrong.


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