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3 Ideas for Decorating a Large Living Room

In a lot of ways, having a living room that’s huge is a great problem to have. However, homeowners who’ve tried to decorate a huge space know just how challenging it can be. Read on to get some simple tips that could help you successfully decorate a large living room.

1. Create different zones

If you have a ton of room, start breaking the space up by creating different zones. Each one should have its own seating arrangement. This helps the space to feel both accessible and purposeful. One space can be the perfect spot to sit down and read a book, while another space may be perfect for inviting friends over for cocktails. As you create the zones, make sure you have a clear idea in mind of what you want it to do and then choose furniture, draperies, and lighting that fits those needs.

2. Add a conversation piece in each area

As we mentioned above, you’re looking to create spaces that will accommodate different uses. The best way to accomplish this is by buying furniture that meets different needs. Another way to clearly delineate the spaces is to have a conversation piece – otherwise known as a focal point – in each of your areas. For example, you might have a coffee table, dramatic draperies, or a piece of art that can handle a close look.

3. Focus on scale

As you’re choosing pieces for your huge living room, make sure that you’re taking scale into consideration. The scale of the furniture you choose should relate to the size of the room. You want the room to end up being balanced and ensure that the pieces you choose work well together. You don’t want one part of the room to feel too sparse or empty while the other side feels cluttered. If you want the room to feel more intimate, choose heavy, dark colors and keep your scale oversized. This makes the room not just feel smaller but draws everyone in a room in together. If you want to accent the size of the room, decorate in bright whites and other light colors. No matter how you choose to decorate your large living room, Half Price Drapes has draperies, throw pillows, and many other accessories. To learn more about your options, consider our free fabric swatch program. Just pick out up to $10 worth of our fabric swatches and pay only a small shipping fee to check out our fabrics in your own home.


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