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3 Small Decorating Changes You Can Make for a Big Impact

When you want to decorate your home and make a big change, but you don’t want to invest thousands of dollars or hire major contractors, there’s good news: There are three small changes you can make that will have a huge impact. Read on to learn more about them and then check out the huge selection of accessories and more at Half Price Drapes.

1. Wallpaper one or more walls

Wallpaper is coming back into style again, but this time it’s much easier to apply. If you want to totally change the color, texture, and mood of a specific room in the most dramatic way possible – with minimum work – then wallpaper is a great choice. You can buy a roll for under $100, though some can cost much more than that. Make sure you figure out how long and wide each roll is and then do the math to see how many you’ll need. The company you buy your wallpaper from should be able to help you correctly estimate how much you’ll need.

2. Change up the lights

We often recommend clients take a look at their lighting, and for good reason. What you use to light a room with, and how well it lights it, can have a huge impact. You can choose from a seemingly endless number of exterior lights, wall sconces, spotlights, and much more. For example, if you have a beautiful piece of art, make sure it gets its own light source to highlight it. Or if you have few windows in a room, make sure there’s plenty of overhead lights that can offer seemingly natural light.

3. Cover your windows dramatically

At Half Price Drapes, we’re certain that there’s no better way to make your home essentially transform overnight than to buy new window coverings. First of all, you’ll gain total control over how much light comes into your home. For example, if you currently have heavy velvet drapes and wish you could get more light, why not add some sheer curtains under those velvet panels? You can close the panels for privacy but during the day the sheer curtains will let light pour in. There’s no question that decorating can be both exciting and overwhelming. We always recommend starting with a few small things, like those listed above, and living with them for a while. If you love them, then you may decide to go for a more comprehensive design overhaul.


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