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5 Mistakes Young Professionals Make When Decorating Their First Apartment

Is there anything as exciting as decorating your first apartment? While for many people it can be the first time they get a chance to really showcase their own unique style, it can also be overwhelming. While there are no solid wrongs or rights when it comes to personal styles, there are some mistakes that young professionals are more likely to make.

1. Not investing in the right things

Budget is going to be a concern and that’s fine – as long as the budget is used wisely. Instead of spreading it out over the entire apartment, focus first on the most important things. For example, high quality window coverings can turn a drab apartment into a fabulous one and offer a much better bang for the buck than investing in a TV mount that no one will see.

2. Being afraid to go big

When someone is decorating their first space, it’s normal that they’d be weary of making too big of a statement. After all, they may wonder what happens if they paint a wall a bold color and get tired of it. The good news is that your first apartment isn’t made to be lived in forever. This is the perfect opportunity to try out some more intense options.

3. Settling for hand-me-downs

When family and friends find out you’re about to move into your new place, they’re likely to offer their old couches, dishes, furniture, and more. We aren’t saying that you must turn it down, but make sure that you only accept pieces that either showcase your style or that you can makeover to fit in with your vision.

4. Not having a focal point

Every room needs a focal point. It can be a piece of art, a dramatic piece of furniture, or some beautiful sheer curtains. Whatever it is, you should pull colors from the rest of the room to complement it.

5. Starting in the wrong place

It’s important to make a plan when decorating your home. Start with the largest pieces first – and we mean literally the pieces that take up the most space. You want these to be pieces you really love. Then focus on colors, textures, and patterns that work together. Your first apartment is a great time to play around with different ideas and to learn first-hand how different options work together.


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