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5 Trends for Window Treatments in 2017

We’ve brought you a lot of information about decorating trends in 2017 and of trends that are on their way out. However, we haven’t brought you the trends specific to window treatments. Here are five of the newest trends that we’re keeping an eye on.

1. Technological advancements

These days there are incredible motorized technology that can be added to any home. You don’t have to invest in the unnecessarily expensive motorized curtains. Instead, invest in the motorization itself and then you can use whatever window treatments you want, from natural cotton and linen curtains to deep, dark velvet pieces.

2. Clean lines

Homeowners are getting more excited about curtains with clean lines and contemporary styles. This is partly due to the “less is more” idea of decorating in recent months. This means that the chunky blinds and elaborate curtains are less popular than curtains with slim headers. Cordless operating systems, especially for window shades, have been named as a part of this trend, but we think that cordless systems are actually here to stay.

3. Curtains made from natural fibers

We’re seeing a lot of natural fibers too, like linen, cotton, and silk. The fact that they’re environmentally friendly is certainly part of why they’re so popular, but consumers also like that these natural fibers offer big weaves and great textures for an overall excellent tactile experience.

4. A matte finish

In recent years, curtains, with a sleek, shiny, glossy appearance were popular. In 2017, sleek, matte finishes are more popular. These low-luster colors fit in well with the popular paint colors, and are understated and elegant. We’re also see brushed metal finishes used for hardware, which homeowners love because it allows the curtains to truly steal the show.

5. Earth toned colors

In addition to the matte finish and understated texture of today’s trendy curtains, the color trends are also leaning toward earthy colors. Think pastels like blush pink, greens, and lavenders. AS you can see, these are not the brown / black / gray earth tones many people think of, but they’re natural colors that fit in with a lot of décor options. If you’re seeking out the most popular curtains in 2017, or you’re trying to make your own unique design ideas come to life, Half Price Drapes can help. Shop our thousands of options and feel free to get in touch with any questions.


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