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7 Modern Curtain Ideas for Your New Home

7 Modern Curtain Ideas for Your New Home

Along with the excitement of a new home comes the thrill of decorating it to reflect your style preferences. There are lots of modern options to choose from that will make a new house feel uniquely yours.

layered curtains in modern living room

1. Get Creative With Natural Tones

Curtains in earthy, natural tones are also popular for first-time homeowners because of their modern yet timeless look. Neutral curtain colors can be relaxing, but they can also be the perfect backdrop to bright pops of color or patterns. Try natural shades like tan, sand, gray, slate, stone, and cream for a down-to-earth, welcoming look. Natural tones can help you create an endless variety of decor styles, from breezy and beachy to warm and rustic.

2. Add Flair With Bold Color

Bold-colored curtains are a modern look that is perfect for those who aren’t shy when it comes to color. If you’re ready to create a sensational style in your new home, color can be the way to go. Curtains done in eye-catching hues like brilliant rose, flamingo pink, bright coral, rich blue, sunny marigold, and deep purple make a big style statement. You can accent dramatic curtain colors with complementary colors or bold neutrals like black and white. Bold color also makes it easy to keep the rest of your home decor more minimal and still keep a room looking fabulous.

3. Try Chic Layered Curtains

Layered curtains help you customize light levels in a room to keep it feeling inviting any time of day. Create a combination that meets your needs. A bedroom with a large window and lots of natural light would be a perfect place to incorporate lightweight sheers in a soft neutral shade with a set of sleek blackout curtains in an elegant shade like eggplant, mustard, or charcoal. Coordinate bedding and curtains for a modern restful space that lets you flood the room with light when you want and keep it soothing, dark, and quiet when you need downtime. Choose coordinating bedding for a unified look.

4. Casual Curtain Headers

Today’s new homeowners want on-trend, livable spaces that look stylish but aren’t stuffy or overly formal. Choosing curtains with modern casual curtain headers, like pole top or tab top styles, can make any room feel up to date and appealing. Casual curtain headers are available in many colors, patterns, and curtain fabrics, so there’s no limit to your options.

5. Embrace White Drapes With Patterns That Pop

Clean, modern, and refreshing, white and off-white curtains are a great look for a new home. You can add an easy splash of style by choosing curtains with a light background that has a colorful print or pattern. White is the perfect complement to any color, it makes coordinating curtains with the rest of your home decor effortless. White curtains with a pop of color also lend of sense of lightness and airiness to a room, so they are ideal for small rooms and rooms with less natural light.

6. Look to Elegant Minimalism

Curtains can be a focal point of a room, but they don’t have to be overdone to make an impact. Sleek, minimalist curtain styles are on-trend and create an elegant everyday look that is the perfect match for your on-the-go lifestyle. Options like simple stripes, subtle textures, and streamlined designs all make great choices. Faux silk styles can have that sheer, upscale look at an affordable price point.

7. Consider Custom Curtain Styles

Another increasingly popular modern option for new homeowners is to create custom curtain styles. This allows you to create a tailored and customized look for every room in your home, even if the windows or doors are unusual sizes. It also allows you to create just the right look for each room by choosing the color and curtain style that fits with the theme you want for that area. Custom curtains are surprisingly affordable, making it simple to create an individualized, original look that’s unique to your home.

Modern Curtain Looks for Effortless Decorating

There are numerous options in today’s curtains and drapes that can lend a modern style to any room. From simple solids like fresh white or earth-tone neutrals to sophisticated colors and bold, bright patterns, today’s curtain styles can open the door for you to embrace your creativity and make decorating simple and stress-free.


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