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Blackout Curtains Could Literally Change Your Life

When you read the title of this article you likely think that it’s a bit of an exaggeration. After all, blackout curtains are just curtains, right? Well, according to some studies – and many of our experiences with our customers – blackout curtains may be a bigger deal then you think.

Are you ever interrupted by outdoor lights?

If you’re ever interrupted by outdoor lights in the room in which you sleep, then blackout curtains can improve your sleep more than you may realize. You may think that you’ve gotten used to the streetlight that lets in a little light under your curtains, or the sun rising well before your alarm goes off, but study after study has shown that light creeping in may not wake you up but it can make it harder to sleep as deeply as you would in the dark.

Just ask the sleep experts

You’d be hard pressed to find a sleep expert that wouldn’t recommend blackout curtains. They claim that the way to get the longest and the best sleep is to sleep in a room that’s dark, that eliminates light coming in from lights on the street, cars driving by, or any other type of light pollution that could affect sleep.

It’s harder to sleep through light as we age

The older a person gets, the more light and sound they process even when they’re asleep. This can lead to an inability to fall asleep or trouble staying asleep. As a result, as a person gets older, they may have more and more of a need for solid blackout curtains or other blackout draperies.

Some homeowners simply prefer blackout curtains

Of course, sleeping well isn’t the only reason that homeowners consider blackout curtains. Some have a home theater, or simply a living room in which they watch television, and they want blackout curtains to offer a theater-like atmosphere. Whether you’re a shift worker who sleeps a lot during the day, a 9-5 office worker who sleeps when the sun is down but lives in a well-lit area, or a parent who wants their child to be able to nap during the day, blackout curtains could change your life. The good news is that while there used to be a real lack of patterns, styles, and fabrics, today Half Price Drapes offers hundreds of combinations in black out drapes. In fact, you can even have them custom made to exactly meet your needs.


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