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Discover Which Curtains Work Best for All Types of Kitchens

In some rooms, like the living room, choosing curtains may be one of the first decisions you make and you may choose curtains to be a focal point. On the other hand, in a room like the kitchen, you’re likely to choose them last. As a result, you probably already have a style in place and simply need to find the curtains that will best complement it. Here are some ideas based on some of the most popular kitchen décor styles.

Curtains for the classic kitchen

For those who have kitchens outfitted in beautiful shades of cream, where chrome finishes can be found on every surface, crisp white curtains are a great choice. You can cover the entire window, or choose a valance, but either way it will blend in well with your white walls and it will look especially lovely when the sun shines through.

Window coverings for the sleek modern kitchen

If your kitchen is sleek and modern, with clean lines and deep, dark colors, then black shades are a great choice. Not only do they fit in with the décor you already have, but they’re a true conversation starter. Our cordless options are safe for homes with kids and pets too.

How to cover windows in a country kitchen

When the country inspires your kitchen, and you have wooden countertops, store things in mason jars, and otherwise have a warm, cozy look, then plaid curtains are a great choice. You can choose a bold color base like black, or of course the classic: Country red. No matter which hue you choose, plaid will look right at home in your country kitchen.

A mid-century kitchen begs for Roman shades

The mid-century kitchen, with its bold colors and wood finishes is practically begging for Roman shades. These bold window coverings are unique and fit in perfectly with the mid-century décor. Just make sure you’re matching your colors to the rest of the kitchen.

Find something unique for the nautical kitchen

If you’ve sprung from the nautical look, with rope décor, plenty of blue, and anchors ahoy everywhere, then we suggest getting matching blue and white striped curtains. It will look perfect and remind you of the sea every time you look out the window – no matter what’s actually out there. If you have questions about how to pair your kitchen with our curtains, feel free to reach out to the experience professionals at Half Price Drapes.


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