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Fall Decorating Made Easy

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Fall Decorating Made Easy

Fall decorating doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. You can change up your home for the season with some simple tips. Fall decorating made easy allows you to use simple items and your creativity to come up with stylish solutions for your autumn decor.

Add Seasonal Looks With Essential Decor

Changing up your space for fall is easy to do with your essential decor as well. Adding new curtains, table cloths, and even sheets in a warmer hue can transform your home and create a cozy haven to enjoy. Consider going for deeper, richer shades, such as warm golds, reds, or oranges, or get sophisticated with jewel tones. A mix of warm and cool neutrals also makes a great choice for transitioning to fall. Consider material textures, as well. For example, changing curtain styles from a lighter sheer or cotton curtain to a beautiful velvet or jacquard can help you revamp any room. Cushion covers are another easy way to get a seasonal look. Imagine the pop a pair of scarlet taffeta covers will make or the easy elegance of cushion covers in a cream silk stripe.

Get Creative With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a classic fall decoration, and they can make a big impact on the front porch, as a dining table centerpiece, or even placed throughout the home to decorate things like shelves and side tables. Try these ideas for easy ways to use pumpkins in a fresh way:
  • Group pumpkins of the same color but in different sizes to create a fun, whimsical look.
  • Get a sophisticated decor style by using white pumpkins and a metallic marker to write a simple word or phrase on them, such as “Autumn,” “Celebrate Fall,” or “Give Thanks.”
  • Place mini pumpkins in different colors in decorative baskets.
  • Create classy centerpieces with pumpkins, candles, and faux fall leaves.

DIY Fall Artwork

Create some fun fall artwork with dollar store or thrift store picture frames. Even if you don’t have a lot of artistic talent, you can create your own artwork. Take dried, pressed fall leaves or faux fall leaves and place them between the glass for a classic look. If it’s close to Halloween, take precut pumpkin stencils and place them in the frames for a fun look. Try using watercolor paints in fall shades to create simple abstract art appropriate for the season. Or, dip fall leaves into autumn-color paints or metallic shades and make leaf-imprint art on canvas.

Decorate With Fall-Themed Wreaths

DIY fall leaves are simple to create using dried corn, autumn leaves, mini craft pumpkins, dried flowers in fall shades, faux berries, and more. You can also save time and money by getting simple wreaths from the craft store and then adding your own fall touches, such as painted acorns, burlap bows (or ribbon in fall colors), pine cones, or faux grapes.

Use Unique Autumn Vases

From fresh, faux, or dried flowers to rustic wheat sprays, there are countless ways to use vases to add a stylish fall punch to your surroundings. Create out-of-the-ordinary vases with hollowed-out squash or gourds. Decorate mason jars with a coat of paint and a burlap ribbon for a rustic vase, or paint wine bottles in candy-corn colors. You can fill simple vases with innovative fall items, such as acorns, nuts, autumn fruit or vegetables, seasonal candy, or even grains, dried corn, or rice with a candle nestled in the vase.

Create Diverse Looks With Fall Decor in Different Heights

Don’t limit yourself to just a single item when putting those special fall touches on your home. You can create interesting looks by using simple items and varying the heights of decor pieces. For example, pair tall candles with fall fruit or mini pumpkins on a cake stand or tray. Use simple pedestals made from wood and place painted pumpkins on top and around them. Paint wooden blocks with an autumn phrase festive fall sign and place it beside tall vases with sunflowers and leaves. The options are endless!


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