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Are You a Fan of Modern or Industrial Design? Take This Quiz to Find Out

As you’re looking for ways to decorate your home, one of the first questions you may want to answer is what style you most like to follow. Two of the most popular styles right now are modern and industrial, though it’s common for people to not be sure which one they’re really a fan of. Consider the following questions to figure out which on you prefer and then visit Half Price Drapes for drapery ideas.

Do you like the decorative arts?

If you like the decorative arts, like Art Deco style, then you likely like modern design, since that’s where it got its start. Modern design just says no to a wide range of traditional, more classic influences. Instead, it focuses on metallic colors and more geometric shapes.

Do you like mid-century designs?

Many people believe that “modern” means designs from the last ten years or so. That’s not actually true – it actually refers to a specific type of design that existed in a specific time. Generally speaking, modern design peaked in the ‘50s and ‘60s, which is why it’s often referred to as mid-century. If you’ve ever looked at a design you loved and found that it was considered mid-century then you may love modern design.

Do you like to minimize accessories?

Do you love clean lines? Do you love a room that’s free of accessories or limits them? Do you prefer neutral colors on the walls? If you answered yes to any and all of these questions then modern design may be right for you. This style is very sleek and simple, with the main focus on being functional – there’s no place for chaos or clutter.

Do you like exposed steel?

If you like the look of exposed steel being used to decorate with, and if you like distressed being used, then you may like industrial styles. You often see exposed brick walls with this style too. If you live in (or wish you lived in) a loft with exposed work in the ceiling then you live in an industrial style home.

Do you like copper ton accents?

One of the biggest calling cards of industrial design is the use of copper accents and items in copper colors, like gold or copper colored curtains. You’ll also see that industrial designs tend to focus on things that other styles would try to conceal, like pipes or ducts. As far as colors go, you’re looking at warm but neutral colors.


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