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Home Décor Refresh: Our Style Guide to Revamp Your Home Décor in the New Year

Are you looking forward to bidding farewell to 2020 and ringing in the new year? Most people are! After spending the past eight months (give or take) mostly stuck at home, you are probably also ready to revamp your home décor for a fresh look to greet 2021. Let our style guide to the latest home décor and curtain trends help you welcome 2021 with open arms.

Lighten Up Your Rooms

Whatever the winter brings, light and bright rooms can cast a cheerful glow across your home. Consider investing in curtain sheers and layering them with textured drapes to create visual and tactile interest. Grommet curtain styles make it easy to open and close drapes to let light in during those precious daylight hours. Other opportunities to brighten rooms in your home include white or pastel throw pillows, comfortable crocheted blankets in pale shades or in colors that contrast your furniture. You can also add bright throw rugs with fun patterns.

Give the Room a Glow

While we’re on the subject of light, consider adding color-changing LED bulbs to fixtures. Color-changing LEDs work in most light fixtures and can shift from calming blue to bright white, and nearly every other color on the spectrum, with the touch of a remote or the turn of a switch. You may even control your smart LEDs from your smartphone. For everyday use, color-changing LEDs provide more flexibility to achieve the lighting you need for different tasks – from reading to crafts or just hanging out and bingeing Netflix. Of course, you can get creative and have fun with the colors to set any mood you’d like in any room of your home. You can also think beyond bulbs to incorporate LED lighting strips in the bedroom or family room. These affordable home décor accessories help create a laidback yet classy atmosphere. With the holiday season wrapping up, we won’t judge if you opt to leave your indoor holiday LEDs hanging on your walls through the spring to frame the family room, either.

Paint the Dark Clouds Away

The past year is one to forget for many people. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint in your home to help you feel embrace a fresh start. Consider repainting moldings a fresh, bright white, or even adding crown molding to frame a room. If you’re ready to tackle a larger project and paint an entire room (or more), the hottest colors for 2021 include calming shades like Tranquil Dawn, which is a soft green, honey beige tones, and light blue.

Paint an Accent Wall

If you’re not up for a larger painting project, consider creating an accent wall. Shades like bright green, olive green, and avocado, perhaps against a gray or pearl-toned room, add excitement, fun, and flexibility to any home décor.

Add Pops of Color

Not into painting at all? Add pops of color with new upholstery or custom chair covers for your dining room, living room, or family room chairs. Half Price Drapes can even match your upholstery to our curtains to tie a look together.

Grab onto These Rising Curtain Trends

Grommet curtains remain popular in 2021 for their stylish look and ease-of-use. We are still seeing lots of bright and intricate patterns against a darker drape backdrop. However, solid colors and neutrals are also coming back into fashion, and these can be mixed and matched on the same window to add interest to the window. You can alternate saturated colors with pastels or neutrals, or you can add a brightly colored curtain to a window on a neutral-colored wall. It’s also on-trend to mix drapery styles and fabrics in 2021. You can alternate sheers with heavier drapes, or even combine velvet with silk.

Embrace the Beauty White Curtains

Another hot trend for 2021? White curtains in natural fabrics like French linen or solid cotton. These styles look great in shabby chic homes to complement DIY décor but can also look right at home in more refined settings. Voluminous white curtains that billow out to create an airy atmosphere can add elegance to any room.

Repurpose Affordable DIY Décor

Are you the type of person who can’t wait to get rid of the evergreen and holly leaves by the time January 1 rolls around? Take a look at your DIY décor and see what you can repurpose by adding new candles in light and airy scents or replacing greenery with fresh or silk flowers. Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you have to embrace a cold and dark atmosphere in your home. Decorate your home for 2021 in ways that will make you happy. Start by shopping for your new window treatments at Half Price Drapes, where we offer free shipping every day.


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