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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: Can Redecorating Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Fewer people smoke in the United States than in years past, but there are still millions who wish they could quit. It’s common for people to make a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking, but it can be much harder than it seems to non-smokers. One unique idea is to redecorate. It may sound silly, but read on to find out how new décor really could help a person quit smoking.

Get rid of spaces that remind you of smoking

Part of the difficulty in quitting is the physical aspect, but even harder is the habit. Just seeing your typical smoking spot can make a craving come on strong. However, simply redecorating the space you used to smoke in can help kill that association and prevent those strong cravings.

Put up reminders of why you’re trying to quit

You’re likely quitting because you want to save money and because there are health benefits, but it’s also likely that there are other reasons. If you’re quitting in part because of your family, then make sure you have plenty of pictures of them around. If you’re quitting so you can afford to go on that dream vacation, then decorate with relics of that place.

Give your home a different smell

Smell is one of the strongest associations humans have. For example, when you smell a perfume that your grandmother used to wear, it can instantly trigger vivid memories of that grandmother. The same is true of smoke. If you were a smoker then your house smells like smoke – even if you didn’t smoke inside. It’s likely on your clothes, your couch, your bedding, etc. You can clean all you want but the best way to really get rid of the smell is to redecorate. Get some new sheer curtains to bring the brightness of outside in, or buy some new throw pillows to help remove the smell from your couch. Replacing items that are covered in cigarette smoke smell is just one way to improve the smell of your home – you also want to add new scents. Find candles with scents you love, or room sprays that can instantly brighten up your room. Just remember that smokers become desensitized to smells and that sense of smell can take months to come back – which means you’ll need a non-smokers help to ensure the scent you choose isn’t too overwhelming!


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