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Make sure to Miss These Common Decorating Mistakes if You Want a Put Together Home

Decorating your home so that it represents your unique style and personality is a lot of fun, but there are some mistakes people can make that lead to a home looking as though it was slapped together. At Half Price Drapes, we’re here to offer you some advice on how to avoid some of the most common decorating tips.

1. Choosing a rug that’s too small for a space

Rugs are a great option for making a room look cozier and to instantly change the look of said room. That said, if you buy a rug that’s too small, it can end up looking strange and out of place. For a living room or other common area, choose a rug that’s wider than your furniture is. It will serve as a base. In a bedroom, make it perpendicular to your bed and hitting it as a T.

2. Not hiding clutter

Almost everyone has clutter. While there are all times of online challenges you can take part in that will help you reduce clutter, it’s simply likely that you’ll still have some. This is okay – just find ways to not have it on display. For example, skip the open shelves and nightstands. Instead, choose closed items with doors that allow you to tuck your clutter away.

3. Matching furniture too closely

When you go into a furniture showroom and buy an entire set of furniture, your home is going to look like a furniture showroom. This may look put together but it takes away all of your personality. The best rooms look as though they’re invested in over time. The good news is that mixing and matching your furniture is much more affordable than buying an entire set.

4. Insufficient lighting

There may be no decorating mistake that has a bigger impact than not having enough lighting. Finding draperies that allow the sun to shine in, such as sheer curtains is a great option. You can also choose an option like cellular shades that allow you a ton of control over how much light comes into a room. In addition to natural lighting, make sure that you’re installing the correct lighting as well. This is especially important in rooms where you need task lighting, such as the kitchen and your living room.


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