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Now is the Time to Start Thinking About Your Patio Project

If you’ve been talking about redoing your patio for years but have never gotten around to it, then this is the year. Instead of waiting until summer is halfway over before sitting down and thinking about it, get your plans ready today. This gives you plenty of time to shop around for the best materials, to find the best contractors (if needed), and to have your patio completed by the time it’s BBQ season.

Decorate specifically to your summer needs

One of the great things about designing a patio is that you don’t have to plan for it 365 days of the year. Instead, you can focus your design on just the summer months. First, ask yourself exactly how you plan to use the space and what you want to do with it. Some families want their patio to be a great place for cooking, some want to play lots of high-energy games, while others just want to relax. Then make decisions based on what you’ll be doing. For example, if cooking is your top priority, then you’ll likely want a dining room table. Then choose seating that’s fully cushioned to ensure it’s cozy and comfortable on your patio. There are many materials that are made specifically for outdoor furniture, but at Half Price Drapes we especially recommend aluminum because it’s both very light – and thus easy to move around – but it can also stand up to rain water, salt water, and corrosion.

Create the vibe you want to

Once you’ve taken care of the factors that affect how useful the space will be, it’s time to consider how you want it to feel. Landscaping is an important part of creating an oasis that will feel comfortable and complete. If you choose to add plants in pots or planters, you can incorporate color into those pots and planters for an extra bold look. You may add some lighting to create an ambient setting, and don’t forget umbrellas and rungs to truly anchor the space.

Consider everything you’ll see

As you consider your options, remember that you’re not just thinking of what you’re adding to your patio – you’re thinking of everything that will be within your line of vision. For example, the windows that look out on your patio can be a part of the space if they’re outfitted in beautiful shades or curtains, while older window coverings can actually make the space feel dated – even though the drapes are inside the home.


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