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One of the Hugest Interior Design Myths Debunked

At Half Price Drapes, we’ve heard a lot of myths about interior décor over the years. We’ve heard people say that you can’t decorate your own home, that you should never buy items online, or that you have to spend at last $1,000 to make a big difference in a room. These are all false – and anyone who’s bought our high quality curtains and window shades knows they’re false – but one of the biggest myths of all is one that you likely believe.

The myth: Your home will ever be done

We find that it’s often true that homeowners believe that they will decorate their home and will be done at some point. This simply isn’t true. Your home will always be a work in progress. There will always be a new couch you want, or you’ll want to upgrade the paint in one room. You’ll travel and bring back unique souvenirs to showcase, or you’ll find a piece of art at a local flea market and want to find a place for it.

Embrace the idea that you’re going to keep working on your home forever

We understand that it can seem overwhelming to think that you’ll be thinking about how to decorate your home for the rest of your life. Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed, think of the positives. Remember how wonderful it feels to walk into a room in your home, look around, and be overwhelmed with how great it looks. When you’re constantly updating your home, you’ll get that feeling much more often.

There are simple, affordable ways to keep your home updated

Understand that the point is not that you must completely redecorate your home every year. Instead, you swap out one item here and there. You add and subtract things you love. When it’s time to make a dramatic change, you can find simple, affordable ways to do that. For example, curtains are a great way to instantly change the way a room looks and feels. In a bedroom, simply changing out the bedside table or your comforter can make it look like a brand-new home. At Half Price Drapes, we think it’s exciting to be decorating and rearranging all the time. Once you embrace that you’ll never be done for good, you can start to enjoy the process and where it takes you on a regular basis.


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