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Ready for 2017 Color Trends? Get Used to Grey

It’s common for interior design trends to change quickly and to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other – in fact, that’s why Half Price Drapes always encourages our clients to consider the trends but to choose what they love over what’s popular. However, this year, things are different: Grey is sticking around for another year. In 2016, we saw a ton of grey, in variety of shades, in everything from home interiors to office décor. One reason it’s so popular is because it’s very versatile. It’s a great color on its own, but it’s also neutral, which means it works great with other soft colors and can even be the perfect background for bold, vibrant accent colors. Grey is versatile in part because it’s not a stark primary color. That said, it’s also not just a combination of black and white. The word “grey” actually includes a huge number of complex colors that are grey at their core but have hints of blue, green, yellow, red, and other colors. The subtle tinting of one grey to another is part of what makes it so exciting too. Grey with a little yellow will look great with colors like brown, gold, and beige, while a grey with a little red would look great with purple and burgundy. Research has even shown that if you choose a yellowish grey and pair it with beige or off white colors, you end up with a neutral color scheme that actually calms. You can get similar results with greys that have been tinted with blue, but if you’re looking for calming red and green tinted greys aren’t a great choice. Though they do look ultra-sophisticated and chic. At Half Price Drapes, we also appreciate how practical grey is as well. It works with almost any color, which means it’s easy to change your room by changing the accent room without changing out everything. For example, you might paint your walls grey and choose a grey sofa, then invest in bright red curtains. In the future, if you want to switch to a blue color scheme, all you’d have to do is replace the curtains. If you’re looking for draperies then you’ve found the right company. Let Half Price Drapes wow you with our incredible selection and impressive quality cialis 20 generique. We are here to provide you with the beautiful curtains you want at prices that can’t be beat.


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