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6 Tips to Make Your Home a Family Gathering Place

Home is truly where the heart is — when that heart is family. Making your home an inviting place for family to celebrate life’s small and large moments is easy with a few simple tips and ideas. Breathe more life and love into your home by creating the perfect haven for family time.

1. Create Spaces for Conversations

Creating spaces in living areas that encourage conversation and visiting is key to making any home perfect for family gatherings, and it isn’t complicated. Look for home decor and curtain styles that are relaxed and casual to give a down-to-earth touch that makes everyone feel like they can let their guard down. Group furniture in clusters that make it easy for groups to sit and talk. Declutter living areas as much as possible so they feel open and welcoming to encourage people to come together and talk.

2. Set up Some Solitary Spaces, Too

Another important aspect of getting the family together is letting people have a little space when they need it. Whether someone needs to make a phone call for work or the grandkids need a space to take a nap, creating those spaces throughout the home are important. Add soft, cozy cushions to unused corners, or add a daybed to any empty room to create a soothing sleeping spot. Create bins with quiet time activities filled with things like books or coloring pages that kids can use when they need a break from active play.

bright and cozy bedroom

3. Make the Kitchen a Bright Beacon

The kitchen can be one of the best places for family gathering times, whether it’s preparing food, talking over morning coffee, or scooping up ice cream sundaes for dessert. Make it bright and inviting for everyone by using curtains and home decor in bright, cheery colors. Things like whimsical curtain patterns or decorative chair covers can draw people to the kitchen as a hub for memories and laughter. Keep bowls of fresh fruit and healthy snacks accessible when everyone needs to re-energize. Organize snacks in colored bins or with cute chalk labels for smart storage solutions.

4. Add a Welcoming Feel With Textures

Textures can also have a big impact on your decor. Textured sofa cushions, cozy throws, and natural curtain textures can all work together and make everyone feel right at home. Don’t forget bedding — things like fresh, fluffy towels and soft, knit sheets will help family members get the rest they need and feel special during their stay.

5. Words and Pictures

A simple way to make your home the ideal gathering place is to personalize with items like artwork or family photos. Inspiring words or phrases that reflect the special feeling of a family get-together can also be a fun addition. This could even be a fun project to do with the grandkids. Go through old photo albums and let them help choose pictures to frame, or create your own DIY artwork with favorite phrases, verses, or lyrics by painting them on blank canvases and hanging them around the house.

6. Get Creative With Themed Curtains

Curtains are an easy and most affordable way to personalize a room. They also make it easy to create custom themes throughout the home. For example, if you want to make the TV or media room feel more like a movie theater, red velvet blackout curtains could be the perfect touch. To inspire creativity in craft rooms or kids’ playrooms, choose cotton curtains in colorful prints or patterns. Make a guest room feel like a beachside resort with linen curtains in a nautical style.

Home Decor Meant for Family

Your home decor and curtains can make your home the perfect family gathering space. Choose a welcoming, stylish decor that makes family the focus. Look to smart furniture and storage solutions conducive to conversation and family fun. Find simple ways to make rooms magical, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the family.


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