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Velvet Curtains

Should You Choose Velvet Curtains for Your Home?

velvet curtains and velvet drape Better Homes and Gardens called velvet curtains the “Year’s Biggest Window Treatment Trend” in 2019, and the style hasn’t faded two years later. Soft, stylish, and luxurious, velvet curtains are also surprisingly affordable. Designed to fit a variety of window sizes, velvet curtains can be used to dress up nearly any room in your home.

How Did the Velvet Curtain Trend Start?

Some experts believe that trends in furniture upholstery gave rise to the velvet curtains to match. Others believe velvet curtains reflect fashion trends of recent years when velvet jogging suits have grown in popularity as style and comfort intersect. We’re even seeing velvet dresses on the runway again. Velvet curtains also reflect the popular Scandinavian design style, which puts cozy home décor front-and-center while maintaining a minimalist vibe. White velvet curtains would fit the vibe of a home with Scandinavian décor, as would gold velvet curtains or light pink velvet curtains, which would fit the neutral pallet of a home influenced by Scandinavian design.

What Type of Home Décor Uses Velvet Curtains?

Velvet curtains and drapes can fit in virtually any home. Gold velvet curtains would look at home amongst mid-century modern décor. Contemporary spaces can enjoy a pop of color with purple velvet curtains or blue velvet curtains. Dress up a home theater with red velvet curtains, perhaps to match a red carpet for a Hollywood vibe in your high-tech space. Rich navy velvet curtains or black velvet curtains will look on-trend in a modern home, perhaps against pure white or light gray walls; just be sure to add a pop of color in the rest of your décor to create added visual interest in the room.

More Benefits of Velvet Curtains

Besides being versatile, stylish, and affordable, velvet curtains provide light-blocking qualities and create privacy within a room. Even white velvet curtains provide enough opacity to block sunlight from a room without making the room feel smaller. The thick fibers of 100% cotton velvet curtains also offer noise insulation and reduce the transfer of heat while blocking drafts to reduce your home energy costs. When you’re choosing your velvet curtains, pay attention to the header, which enables you to hang the curtains or drapes in a variety of ways. For instance, our urban lush velvet curtains and 100% cotton velvet curtains both have a rod pocket with back tabs and a hook belt, enabling you to hang the curtains from a rod or curtain rings using drapery pins. Check out our entire collection of velvet curtains at Half Price Drapes for the best prices and a wide array of colors and textures.


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