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Want a Timeless Interior? Follow These Steps

Different people have different priorities when designing rooms. Some homeowners want rooms that incorporate the latest fads, while others want vintage rooms. Others want to create spaces that are truly timeless and will look as great ten years from now as they do today acheter cialis en andorre. Here are some of our tips to accomplish this goal.

Work with what you’ve got

If you want your décor to look good for years to come, then it must fit in with the natural architecture of the home. Use what already exists in your home as your inspiration, and you can count on what you come up with being timeless.

Prioritize functionality

When a homeowner is trying to design a room so that it will work for years to come, they often think only of how it will look. The truth is that many homeowners end up redecorating not because they don’t like the look but because the room isn’t functional. For example, you can invest in beautiful sheer curtains for your bedroom if you don’t have neighbors today, but when that empty lot has a home built on it, redecorating will be necessary.

Make the most of lighting

If there’s one aspect of design that interior experts recommend looking closer at – time and time again – it’s lighting. This doesn’t just mean bringing in beautiful lamps and overhead lighting, though it does of course mean that. It also means making sure that you’re taking full advantage of natural light. Don’t install velvet curtains over the bay window in your living room if you want it to have natural light, and don’t bother with blackout shades in rooms that don’t get much light.

Stick to two or three colors throughout the space

Too many colors can easily go out of style. However, if you pick just a color or three, and if you make sure that they’re relatively neutral, then you’ll be much more likely to be choosing colors that are going to stand the test of time. If you need help finding the best draperies for your interior, feel free to reach out to Half Price Drapes. We’re happy to offer you free fabric swatches so you can feel the fabric for yourself and see how the colors will work within your new décor. We believe that everyone deserves a home that makes them feel happy to come home to and we believe the above tips will help.


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