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Cushion Covers

Adding new curtains is an exceptional way to totally transform a room but it’s important not to forget to consider the other decorating details. That’s why Half Price Drapes offers pillow covers in more than a dozen colors, fabrics, and patterns. See more..
Why invest in an entirely new couch when you can add a punch of color with a simple purchase? Start by taking a look at our striped cushion covers. You’ll see our cabana series in yellow, teal, burgundy, navy, black and spice. Then check out our picante striped pillows, our geometric patterns, and our unique patterns like Deauville, Ikat, and Sorong. Do you want new pillows that bring to mind worldly travels? Then choose from our Sahara, Nairobi, or Bali covers. There are colors and textures here to fit in with virtually any décor. Start by selecting your curtains and then choose revitalizing pillow covers that will help tie in the luxurious colors of your draperies. The cushion covers available to you from Half Price Drapes are made with 100% cotton twill. You’ll note that many of our colors and patterns are identical to some of our curtain and drapery patterns and colors. The choice is yours if you want your pillows to match exactly or if you want to add a new design that will surely spice up your room. Most pillow covers are sold in pairs but be sure to check the specific ones you’re interested to see the quantity. You can also count on most covers measuring a standard 20 inches by 20 inches but double check before you finalize your purchase. Closure is simple via an envelope closure that avoids the complications that can come along with zipper-close pillows. The inserts are not included so feel free to use these covers with the pillows you already have at home.
Sorong Printed Cotton Cushion Cover (Pair)
David Charles
The pillows accents my grey couch, with vibrant colors of grey. I purchased the matching drapes and they complement each other.
Sahara Desert Printed Cotton Cushion Cover (Pair)
Thompson Jeffery
At first I was a bit thrown off by the color, because I thought it would be more muted (like the color of sand). But now they are on my white sofa and they look dynamic playing off the colors in my rug. They pattern is unique, the fabric is soft and it's easy to put on the pillows.
Palu Printed Cotton Cushion Cover (Pair)
John Bayles
By adding really full down fillers, these inexpensive pillow covers look 1000x more expensive.