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English Walnut Wooden Hardware

The perfect curtains require the perfect hardware to ensure they look as great on your wall as they do on our website. Half Price Drapes has all your wooden curtain rod needs met. These rods have an English walnut finish that immediately brings to mind elegance and class. See more..
The set comes with everything you need to hang, including the rod itself, the finials that add to the overall design, the rings you’ll hang your curtains from, and the brackets that attach your rod to your wall or opening. When you want a one-stop-shopping spot, Half Price Drapes is here for you. Find the perfect curtains, add the perfect curtain rod set, and then shop for accessories. This particular curtain rod works great with bold, brassy colors as well as light, dainty sheer curtains. No matter what your style is, the dark wood and the specific design elements should work perfectly. These are high-quality, imported pieces that are designed to be as functional as they are gorgeous. To add a touch of class and elegance, there are square arch finials, which measure  4 ¼ inches square with a width of 3 ¾ inches. The wooden curtain rod itself measures two inches in diameter. You get two finials to tap out the ends of your rod. Choose from three different rod lengths: four feet, six feet, or eight feet. The four and six foot rods come with two brackets while the eight foot rod comes with three brackets. No matter which choice you make, you’ll get two inch wooden rings to hang your curtains on. The four foot rod gets 16 wooden rings, the six foot rod set gets 20 wooden rings, and the eight foot rod gets 24 wooden rings. Do you have questions about these or other rods? Contact Half Price Drapes today to get the advice of experts who are passionate about window treatments.