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Hand Woven Cotton Stripe Curtains

Imagine how luxurious your home would feel if you had tailored, hand-loomed cotton blend curtains. Imagine how lucky you’d feel to come home to a living room with the finest curtains around, curtains that were as warm as they were casual yet still brought a feeling of elegance. See more..
This reality could be yours This could be your reality, with hand woven striped curtains. If you’re like many people, you assume that getting these hand woven cotton curtains would cost much more than you can afford but that’s the beauty of working with Half Price Drapes: we’re able to offer you the most incredible prices on high quality draperies. Never again will you have to choose between quality and price. You really can have the curtains you’ve always dreamed of. These hand woven striped curtains are available in a half dozen color combinations: black and silver, teal and natural, red and gold, mocha and teal, black and cream, and beige and blue. You can also get the same high quality material – hand woven, of course – in solid colors like lemon grass, pebble cream, and teal. Choose from pre-measured and tailored curtains or have your own custom made. With the custom option you’ll not only be able to choose the exact length and width you want, but on most colors and color combinations you can also choose the type of header they’ll have and even the type of lining. For example, some customers want blackout lining that helps keep rooms as dark as possible while others may want a lighter lining to let in more sunlight. The beauty of working with Half Price Drapes is that it’s all about you. Our goal is not just to get customers but to make them enthusiastic about our products. We care deeply about quality draperies and we’re ready to make believers out of you.
Teal & Natural Hand Weaved Cotton Curtain
These curtains caught my eye because of the color which was exactly what I was looking for in my new house. When they arrived I was amazed at the great quality - double lined, lovely quality material, beautiful top binding which allowed for several ways to attach to rods, etc. My only problem was that there were two in stock when I ordered: one was 109" long and the other 96" long. But after ordering the first and seeing the great quality, I ordered the second even if it wasn't the same length and am having it altered to match! Very happy with this purchase.
Blue & Beige Hand Weaved Cotton Curtain
chitown08 from Boston,MA,
beautiful well made nice weight to this drapery panel. THe colors are true to the picture and the size was exact.
Antique Gold Hand Weaved Cotton Curtain
lisabelle1229 from Brookfield,CT,
These drapes are heavy and interlined for a luxurious feel and drape. I am a decorator and bought them for my own home because it was less expensive to customize these to my sizes than buy fabric and start from scratch. Very happy with the result!