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Historical Gold Wooden Hardware

Half Price Drapes is proud to offer you an incredible selection of affordable window coverings and we’re also proud to offer you all the hardware you need to hang your curtains. These gold curtain rods are not just another rod to hang on your wall and never consider again. See more..
They’re designed with the quality and style to actually be part of your décor, not simply a tool. Choose from three breathtaking options: Istanbul with a sunburst-style finial, Royal Fancy with its extra-ornate finial, and the elegant finial on our Crown set. No matter which gold finial works best with your style, your kit will come with everything you need to hang most curtains; the rod, brackets, wooden rings, and finials. When you want to make a single purchase that will help you get ready to hang your new curtains, or re-hang the curtains you’ve loved for the last decade, these high quality gold hardware options are a great choice. Gold wooden curtain hardware fit in with a wide range of decors. Do you have dramatic velvet draperies? This gold wooden curtain hardware will help add to the elegance and sophistication. On the other hand, those who have beautiful, billowing sheer curtains will love the way this dramatic hardware anchors the whimsical curtains. In that case, they complement each other by showing off opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s important to check the specifics when you make your purchase, but generally speaking you can expect these and most of our other curtain rods to be available in a variety of lengths which are likely to include four-feet, six-feet, and eight-feet. The kit will come with either two or three brackets, depending on how long the curtain rod is, and will come with enough wooden rings to hang most curtains that would hang on the rod of the length you choose. Do you have questions? Reach out to Half Price Drapes today!