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Sometimes you just need that final finishing touch to pull the whole look together. Pillows can do that for you like nothing else. Soft and inviting, luxurious and colorful, they can bring a touch of whimsy or a dramatic pop to a room. See more..
Choose one of our pillow cover sets to change the look and feel of your entire room in an instant!
Palu Printed Cotton Cushion Cover (Pair)
Dennis Luis
Used these covers for throw pillows in our game room. Nice quality covers that match the palu printed curtain panels perfectly.
Sahara Desert Printed Cotton Cushion Cover (Pair)
Thompson Jeffery
At first I was a bit thrown off by the color, because I thought it would be more muted (like the color of sand). But now they are on my white sofa and they look dynamic playing off the colors in my rug. They pattern is unique, the fabric is soft and it's easy to put on the pillows.
Palu Printed Cotton Cushion Cover (Pair)
John Bayles
By adding really full down fillers, these inexpensive pillow covers look 1000x more expensive.