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Half Price Drapes Reviews

Jul 16, 2018,
We are restoring a period house. The taffeta drapery panels from hpd will be perfect for our dining room and save me a lot of time making them! The lining & interlining is well done and they are very nice quality throughout. I'm surprised they do not have a blind hem, but I can easily put one in myself. Can't wait to hang them! I know I will be back for more.
Jul 15, 2018,
Nice heavy curtains!
Jul 15, 2018,
I am so happy with my drapes! They are well made and look great. Soon I will order custom drapes, from HPD, for my living room and dining room.
Jul 15, 2018,
Beautiful drapes!
Jul 15, 2018,
Curtains are beautiful! Exactly as I had pictured in my mind. Unbeatable prices
Jul 14, 2018,
The drapes are quality made and look fabulous in my living room.
Jul 8, 2018,
Drapes are light and airy, color is as described. We love how they look in our living room.
Jul 5, 2018,
Good Quality curtains worth the price
Jul 3, 2018,
Beautiful, well made drapes. I recommend it.
Jul 1, 2018,
Quick, easy and great prices.
Jul 1, 2018,
The best quality drapes for the best home is gorgeous thanks to hpd!!!
Jun 30, 2018,
Quality was great. Pricing awesome. Could not find the tops I wanted
Jun 30, 2018,
Love the way the curtains look in my rooms just like the pictures
Jun 26, 2018,
Best product and service ever!
Jun 20, 2018,
Love love your fabrics, however the samples I just received are too sheer for my current project. Thank you!
Jun 20, 2018,
Gorgeous curtains. Very well made.
Jun 19, 2018,
Love the drapes I have bought from you.
Jun 18, 2018,
I was completely satisfied with my drapes!
Jun 17, 2018,
I have decorated three rooms with your drapes. They are all spectacular.
Jun 7, 2018,
Very good quality material and looks beautiful hanging in my living room.
Jun 6, 2018,
Love my white black out drapes. The best part was the custom length. They sit perfectly above the window adding height to the room and close easily to block out light at night. Thank you half priced drapes.
Jun 5, 2018,
I was impressed that although the fabric sample I had requested was previously out of stock, that I received it yesterday. I am hoping that the drapes I was interested in are still on the same discount as when I had originally inquired.
May 31, 2018,
Very Happy With Purchase It been over 2 Years and they still brand new. High quality very much worth the price.
May 30, 2018,
I love the Nairobi Desert cotton curtains. I had previously bought the blackout curtains for my family room and they were too dark. My windows face the TV and this causes a glare. When these cotton curtains are closed they give us privacy while letting some light in during the day. No glare if watching TV! I wish hpd offered printed curtains in extra wide.
May 29, 2018,
I have HPD drapes & sheers in every room of our newly remodeled home. They look fabulous & receive many compliments. The Faux Silk drapes are very difficult to distinguish from real silk and are a great value!
May 26, 2018,
I absolutely love my drapes that I ordered from half price drapes! They are luxurious and gorgeous. I would definitely recommend this company.
May 20, 2018,
We purchased drapes for our formal dining room and we are extremely happy with the complete process from ordering, receiving and the quality of the drapes They are very high-end and we get compliments from everyone that sees them. Follow the measuring instructions that are provided and you will be very happy when you receive your curtains or drapes
May 19, 2018,
Superb! You folks have never let me down.
May 19, 2018,
Loved your drapes. Great quality!
May 3, 2018,
Excellent material!
Apr 17, 2018,
Excellent drapies! I am so pleased with my decision to purchase from your company, although I had not purchase before, your service is good and the quality of your product is excellent. The next time I'm ready for new draperies, you can be sure you're my go to!
Apr 12, 2018,
Quality of the silk and sewing on the curtain is perfect. The phone service was excellent too when I needed to replace a curtain that I bought from them 4 years ago. They were most helpful in finding the previous order and duplicating it for me. Arrived much quicker than expected.
Apr 11, 2018,
Everything is always fantastic, quick delivery, quality products. Highly recommended
Apr 9, 2018,
Ive been a customer for a few years and i love the quality of your product and nothing beats your prices. I have told a number of people about 1/2 price drapes there's no other like 1/2 price drapes. I have bought so many pairs of drapes over the years I have run out of space.
Apr 8, 2018,
I waited for a long time to get these because in my mind I knew I wanted plain white ( they only had off white) luxurious feel curtains but they had to be 100” wide X 84” long per panel. I also wanted them to completely block light so standing outside the house you wouldn’t see shadows moving around if we had the lights on at night and were up doing stuff. We needed privacy from our neighbors. Obviously the curtains I desired weren't readily available at just any store. $230 is a lot to pay for curtains which is why I waited until I could fit them in my budget, but I am so pleased with my purchase!! I thought about settling and just buying four regular sized panels of lesser quality but I held out to get exactly what I wanted. I have 4 French door panels across the back of my living room so the idea was that I would only have two panels to pull together and meet in the middle for when I needed privacy and not worry about perfectly spacing out 4 panels. We constantly use these doors so it felt more necessary. I love these curtains so much, they are practical, the velvet is beautiful, and the off white color really looks white to me and anyone who visits!! Overall I would definitely recommend this company.
Apr 5, 2018,
Love the pillow covers.
Apr 4, 2018,
Top Quality!
Apr 4, 2018,
Great service & loved the fact that you can order samples
Apr 3, 2018,
Beautiful drapes create total darkness... Drapes arrived in 3 days much to my surprise after showing a 10-day shipping ETA... Great place to do business...
Mar 28, 2018,
Wonderful customer service good quality drapes
Mar 17, 2018,
High quality product. Very well made and color as described!
Mar 14, 2018,
Great Quality, Great Deal!
Mar 12, 2018,
Amazing quality, great prices, and outstanding customer service! Thank you HPD!
Mar 7, 2018,
I did not respond to the previous email because I was still waiting for my 3 free swatches. When they did arrive, they were not the 3 I requested. I phoned today and was assured by a very kind professional that I will receive the correct swatches. I have heard positive things about hpd, and do expect that I will order drapes as soon as I can see the swatches.
Mar 6, 2018,
Extremely satisfied ...
Feb 25, 2018,
Good quality material. I felt the order was timely and what I ordered. It would be nice to more easily get the hardware too!
Feb 19, 2018,
This’s my to go company in furnishing my windows. Their curtains and rods are of high quality.
Feb 19, 2018,
Curtains are amazing. We ordered the blackout velvet in off white. They hang beautifully and when pushed back they pleat wonderfully at the top. The weights at bottom are great as well. Best of all the cost was affordable.
Feb 13, 2018,
I had a great customer-service experience in the ordering process. The drapes are excellent -- unfortunately, they are now out-of-stock, and I need more of these.
Feb 13, 2018,
Love the new drapes, achieved the look I was wishing for.
Feb 11, 2018,
Beautiful. Love.
Feb 10, 2018,
My new drapes are Beautiful And fit perfect
Feb 9, 2018,
I couldn't be more pleased with Robert in Customer Service. He went to a great deal of trouble to get me what I wanted. He was very congenital, helpful & reduced my stress level about such an important decision. Thank you!
Feb 8, 2018,
Panels look like they cost so much more. The shipping was quick and seamless. Due to the fact my panels are velvet and weighted at the bottom, they did not need pressing.
Feb 4, 2018,
Cynthia Moreno has done a fantastic job. Unfortunately, the Custom Ancient Ivory French Linen material we wish to order is out of stock and won't be available again until approx. May 2918?
Jan 21, 2018,
Customer for 10 years. 3 homes. Sheers to faux silk and casual. Rich, elegant. Nice hand. Lined and unlined... all hang and drape well. Generous with fabric. Outstanding products. Outstanding Service!
Jan 17, 2018,
My draperies are beautiful and look very expensive. Arrived quickly and well packaged. I couldn't be happier.
Jan 17, 2018,
Very nice service & delivery! Great prices and quality.
Jan 16, 2018,
I Love my new Drapes 😄
Jan 16, 2018,
Lovely and functions as advertised. Very pleased with the product.
Jan 15, 2018,
I am extremely satisfied with my purchases. The curtains exceeded my expectations in quality and beauty at incredible prices. Thanks for a great experience.
Jan 15, 2018,
The color, price, and quality are amazing.. two thumbs up 👍 👍
Jan 14, 2018,
I ordered some fabric samples. They came in a timely manner and it really helped me with my interior plans.
Jan 14, 2018,
I purchased some navy blue insulated drapes...I absolutely love them!
Jan 14, 2018,
Love this company!
Jan 13, 2018,
I love your site there are beautiful models of curtains and there are always good discounts
Jan 13, 2018,
We love our drapes. They have a beautiful yet simple design. They keep our house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Jan 10, 2018,
I ordered the linen open weave sheets. They arrived promptly. Once I had them hung all I could say is that they are absolutely lovely.
Jan 10, 2018,
Great products / amazing price look 5x the price. Great company
Jan 9, 2018,
Excellent pricing, service and quality.
Jan 5, 2018,
I purchased the black velvet vintage cotton drapes that I hung in a large door frame between the foyer and parlor in my 18th century home (portiere curtains). These are superb quality, heavy and thick... exactly what was needed to pull off this look. They are the ooh and aah of the room! Think Gone with the Wind, historical theatre, or an opera house. That kind of look and quality. Sewn perfect, boxed perfect. I hung them straight from the box with no wrinkles or creases. Thank you for carrying this type of drape, as there are millions of older homes out there where department store curtains will NOT work. To get the look, I bought four panels and hung two panels facing the foyer and the other two panels facing the parlor, so they are back to back on a single rod (with the liners on the inside). That way no matter where you stand in either room all you see is the velvet side. I then swagged them back with heavy gold corded tiebacks and let them puddle on the floor. They are breathtaking.
Jan 5, 2018,
More then I expected!
Jan 2, 2018,
Excellent value and quality for sheers and lined velvet drapes. In addition, I had to make a return due to my error and the associate was very helpful over the phone. My only complaint is that I ordered 100 wide panels and they turned out to just be two 50 panels sewn together if I'd known this, I would have just gone with four 50 ones because the seam is on a very visible, protruding portion of the curtain so it always shows, unfortunately. Thankfully, the quality of the velvet makes up for the unsightly seams.
Jan 2, 2018,
I was completely shocked by the incredible quality of the first pair. Over the years, I've ordered three others with the same great quality. However, this last order was not up to the same standard. While still beautiful, they are thinner and without weight.
Jan 1, 2018,
Beautiful drapes at reasonable prices. I have ordered 3 different styles and have been very pleased with every order. Quality fabric and well made. I will order again.
Jan 1, 2018,
I couldn’t be happier. Not only did I receive a quality product but I also received excellent customer service. I realized my order would not get to me in time and was able to cancel and make a quick change. I called in and they made the process seamless. I am more than happy with my purchase
Dec 30, 2017,
Beautiful well made drapes. I ordered more than I needed and they made it an easy return. Thank you My dining room is beautiful now.
Dec 30, 2017,
The drapes I ordered are absolutely beautiful. So very happy with them. I have taken pictures and referred friends to your site. Will be ordering more!
Dec 29, 2017,
I Love this company! The quality of the drapes is fantastic for the money and deliver quickly! The color is perfectly represented online too. Nice.
Dec 26, 2017,
Great quality and price!
Dec 26, 2017,
Love the drapes I puchased. The quality is exceptional for the price. I have purchased from this site several times and always check here first when I need drapes.
Dec 26, 2017,
The drapes are high quality. They hang beautifully and the colors are as pictured on the website. The blackout drapes that we put up on the side of the house where the brutal Arizona sun hits the worst have made a big difference in the temperature of the interior house. We furnished our entire house with HPD and would be my FIRST choice if I needed more drapes.
Dec 25, 2017,
Drapes were high quality - looks like custom. Price was so reasonable.
Dec 23, 2017,
The drapes are stunning! I couldn't be happier with them. I'm glad I ordered the fabric swatches, because the color I originally choose didn't work with my room color, and I was able to select the perfect color.
Dec 22, 2017,
The curtains are beautiful. Excellent quality fabric with rich color and texture and fully lined to black out full glass doors. Great price and fast shipping. Thank you!!
Dec 21, 2017,
Great quality lined panels that look expensive.
Dec 20, 2017,
Beautiful and as described.
Dec 20, 2017,
Love the drapes! And HPD's customer assistance was incredibly helpful when a the custom order turned out to not be what I envisioned. The wonderful lady that helped me out got me all set up with a return and a new order for drapes that fit our bedroom perfectly. Thanks HPD!
Dec 19, 2017,
Very pleased
Dec 19, 2017,
I looked everywhere for drapes. Half Price drapes are by far the nicest faux silk drapes i’ve seen. They look rich in my living room and dining room. I love the quality,
Dec 18, 2017,
The silk material is beautiful.
Dec 16, 2017,
Can’t tell they are faux silk. The most beautiful and reasonable priced drapes.
Dec 15, 2017,
I purchased the 96in textured vintage faux dupioni silk draperies in Ruby and Storm Grey for my living and dining rooms. The drapes look amazing and the quality is awesome. I love everything about them. I will definitely be back to get more drapes for other rooms in my home.
Dec 13, 2017,
I have bought curtains for my bedroom and my living room from HPD. I have been very happy with both of my purchases. The quality is great for the price. I priced around similar curtains on other sites and HPD prices have always been better. I would definitely recommend their curtains, and will use them in the future if I need additional curtains.
Dec 11, 2017,
My wife and I compliment Half Price Drapes on the quality of craftmanship and materials used to make our drapes. And a special thank you to Kim. The specifications were demanding (height & length), and yet the stitches and seams were done superbly. The double-sheer material is exactly what we wanted.
Dec 11, 2017,
The drapes I have ordered have been lovely with great quality. I have been eyeing a couple different pairs with the intent on purchasing them.
Dec 11, 2017,
Very good quality and fast delivery.
Dec 10, 2017,
I have bought your signature velvet curtains before over the last thirty years. Love them! They are heavy, beautifully lined, wonderful feel to them. Colors are always nice. This last velvet panel was nice and I liked the grommet idea for over the outside door. However I thought the panel was a little pricy.
Dec 9, 2017,
hpd sends an annoying number of emails, so many that I unsubscribed.
Dec 8, 2017,
I'm delighted with the site and the fabrics and we are planning to order in the next 2 weeks. I hope the product is as good as it looks. I'm delighted so far and have told several others at work about you.
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