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Sun Bleached Linen Wooden Hardware

Many homeowners concentrate so hard on their curtains that they don’t properly take into consideration the other details that are essential to creating a beautiful window treatment. See more..
At Half Price Drapes, we always encourage our customers to take their time and choose the right curtains but we also want you to find the perfect accessories and hardware. That’s where these white wooden curtain rods come in. You’ll love the sun bleached linen curtain hardware that’s elegant while also providing a touch of shabby chic. You have two main options to choose from: square arch finials or royal Anastasia finials, which have more a rounded knob end. No matter which one you chose, the set will include most everything you could need to hang your new curtain rods. Both sets contain white wooden curtain rods that are two inches in diameter. Each comes with two finials and two-inch wood rings. Choose the curtain rod length that works best for you. Your options include 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot lengths. No matter which finial type you choose, your 4-foot and 6-foot curtain rods come with two brackets for hanging while the 8-foot rod includes three mounting brackets. The 4-foot rod in either finial comes with 16 wooden rings, the 6-foot rod in either finial comes with 20 wooden rings, and the 8-foot rod in either finial includes 24 wooden rings. These incredible sun bleached curtain rods are imported and you can expect the same high quality you’ve come to believe in from Half Price Drapes. Do you have questions about measuring your windows? Are you not sure which length will work best for you? You can always contact us to get answers to your window questions. With many years in business, we’ve always been passionate about what we do but today we are true experts in the field.