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The Only 2 Interior Design Tips You Need

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home then you’re likely looking to the internet to offer tips and advice. This can be helpful but it can quickly turn into an overwhelming experience. At Half Price Drapes, we’ve offered hundreds of tips over the years, on everything from how to hang curtains to how to follow the latest trends. We stand by that advice, but for someone who’s just starting out and wants to avoid being overwhelmed, there are really only two tips you need to follow.

1. Never settle

Take your time and pick out pieces you love. Don’t settle for whatever you can find that almost, sort of, kind of works. Whether you’re looking for bargain basement prices or have a hefty budget, there’s no reason to compromise. Yes, it takes more work, and yes it can take time, but remember that you’re looking for furniture, accessories, curtains, etc. that will work for years to come. Do you want to spend ten years staring at a couch that you just can’t bring yourself to love or do you want to wait another month to buy one and then smile every time you see it? These seemingly minor details can make a huge difference. No matter what you’re looking for, we believe the perfect option is out there. You just have to wait for it – and you have to look for it.

2. Mix and match

If there’s one decorating sin that instantly makes a room or home look out of date it’s matching. In fact, it’s been more than a decade since it was popular to buy furniture in a set, whether it’s the bedroom or living room, and it’s been just as long since people picked a single color for a room and stuck with it. Today, you can mix and match. Not only does it make a room look more interesting and inviting, but it’s a way to showcase your unique style and help your home look more personal. Layers are a great way to achieve this goal. For example, pick up some blackout curtains in your favorite color and layer them over sheer curtains, cotton curtains, or even cordless shades. At Half Price Drapes we’re always happy to offer advice and share our considerable decorating experience but at the end of the day, the two tips that are going to create a space that’s uniquely you are the tips above.


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