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3 Things to Help You Start Designing Your Dream Nursery

As a parent-to-be, there’s a lot to plan for. Some of it is scary and daunting, but some of it is fun and exciting. Most new parents are excited to create a nursery that their child can be at home in for years to come. At Half Price Drapes, we’re happy to provide some tips and proud to offer cordless shades that are safe for your little ones.

1. Add color where you can

Most homeowners keep most rooms in their house relatively neutral and subdued, but a child’s nursery is the one place that you can really go wild! You can add tons of colors, bright and bold, or you can have mostly neutral colors with a few splashes of color here and there. We recommend choosing brightly colored curtains that draw the eye to the beautiful outdoors.

2. Safety is more important than aesthetics

Yes, you want a room that makes you smile every time you go in it. You want a room that you can imagine lulling your little one to sleep each night. That said, first and foremost it must be a safe room. One of the easiest things you can do to keep the room safe is to buy modern pieces. You may love antique rocking chairs, but they simply didn’t have the safety features you’d get with a modern rocking chair.

3. Try it out before you commit

This is a good tip for really any decorating project but we find that parents tend to second guess themselves about the design choices they’ve made. As a result, we suggest that you take small steps to see if they’re really what you want before you make big commitments. For example, before you paint the entire room, get a paint sample and add a stripe on several sections of the room. Then see how it looks at various times of day with different levels of light. Likewise, before you invest in curtains for your nursery, take advantage of the free fabric swatch option offered by Half Price Drapes. Take a look at all your options, add up to $10 worth of swatches to your virtual shopping cart, and then pay just shipping and handling to have them sent to you. That’s right, you can get up to $10 worth of watches for free and pay only shipping. This gives you a chance to try out fabrics, colors, and textures before committing to one option.


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