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4 Decorating Tips That Work for Any Space

There are a million and one decorating tips out in the world, but many of them only apply to specific types of décor or homes with certain features. At Half Price Drapes, we believe that everyone should have a home they love and finding the right designs is a big part of that. Read on to learn four simple decorating tips that will work for just about any space.

1. Focus on your draperies

If you want just one tip that’s going to transform any room in your home, then that tip is this: Get high quality draperies. Not only will the style of the drapes you choose showcase your own personal style, but you can have total control over how much light you let into your home. Depending on the room in which you’re hanging them, you may want to hang sheer curtains that let in maximum light, or blackout curtains that allow you to sleep easy into the afternoon.

2. Combine old and new pieces

Layering is a wise choice for any room and a great way to save money is to use both new and old pieces. This can allow you to accept hand me downs, shop at second hand stores, or use what you already have. Then invest in new pieces and help them both work together. Not only will you save some cash but it’s a great way to have your home show some character.

3. Take risks with your paint

Remember that painting a room can change it dramatically. We recommend taking risks – but that doesn’t necessarily mean painting a room a bold color. You may want to paint three walls white with one accent wall. You may want to use off-white for all walls. Or perhaps you’ll want to paint a mural on the wall. Whatever it is, painting is wise for any room and if you’re going to take a risk anywhere, take that risk with paint choices.

4. Invest in affordable artwork

Many people don’t use artwork at all within their décor. We’ve found that it’s not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t think they can afford it. The reality is that anyone can afford art – you just need to know where to look. We suggest finding local up and coming artists that you like. Not only will you be supporting local work, but you’ll have a personal connection to the art in your home.


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