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4 Reasons You Should Consider Custom Window Treatments

If you’re thinking of finding the perfect window treatments then you’ve come to the right place – Half Price Drapes offers you an incredible variety of made to order curtains. That said, in some cases, custom window treatments may offer you the best value. Check out four of the reasons that you should at least consider this option.

1. Custom window treatments offer you the perfect fit

The main reason that people choose custom draperies is because they want that perfect fit. Not only do you get to choose the right length and width, but on most of our custom draperies you also get to choose your header, the type of lining, and more. If you want your curtains to hang exactly the way you imagine, and you want the exact color and lining that works in your home, then custom may be the way to go.

2. You can count on high quality work

If you stop by your local big box store and buy curtains, you can expect that the quality of work is not going to be spectacular. On the other hand, when you trust the pros at Half Price Drapes – who only work on draperies – you can count on the high quality of our work. From stitch to stitch and lining to lining, we strive for perfection on every piece.

3. Custom curtains can last for decades

When you buy high quality draperies, you can count on them lasting for a long time – perhaps even for decades. Your home is a special place where your family gathers, where you experience the ups and downs of life, and where you celebrate holiday after holiday. You want your curtains to be a part of your décor that expresses your unique style and is inviting for friends and family. When you choose custom curtains specifically for your windows, and you take care of them, they can be a part of your family for decades.

4. You get an incredible customer service experience

At Half Price Drapes, we take your satisfaction seriously. If you’d rather order curtains online, then you can do it all there. If you have questions and want to get help from an experienced drapery company then you can reach out to us for help with measuring, style, or whatever else you need. You can even order free fabric swatches to try out our fabrics before making a final decision.


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