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4 Reasons Many People are Afraid to Hang Their Own Curtains

Most people know they can find more affordable prices for high quality draperies if they buy them online, but one thing often stands in their way: They want a local company to come hang their curtains for them. While we understand at Half Price Drapes that the process can seem overwhelming, once you’ve committed to it you’ll find that it’s not so hard after all – and well worth it when you consider the lower costs.

1. They’re simply overwhelmed

The simple truth is that many people know that properly hanging draperies requires careful measuring, installing hardware, and a number of other steps. This process can seem overwhelming when you look at it as a whole, but when you consider each step on its own, they’re not hard to follow. Start by looking at our installation guides for a variety of different curtain types. Just follow each step on its own and you’ll see that it’s not actually as difficult as you think.

2. They have to plan ahead

If you choose high quality draperies, they’re not going to come with hardware included. Why? Because three are so many options and you want something that works perfectly not just with the draperies you’ve chosen, but with your home as well. Once again, this is easier if you think of it step by step instead of a huge project overall. Start by making a list of everything you need: screwdrivers, measuring tape, a hammer, screws, pencil, nails, etc.

3. They’re nervous about the idea of measuring

You know how important it is to measure correctly and to ensure that your curtains hang the length you want them to hang. So what happens if you make a mistake? This can cause problems but the good news is that Half Price Drapes has provided you with a simple measuring guide. Just follow the steps on there and you’ll soon know exactly what size curtains you need. Remember that if you can’t find the exact size, we offer custom drapers too.

4. They don’t want to hem their curtains

If you go to your local big box store and buy curtains off the rack, it’s true that you’ll likely have to hem them. Why? Because they usually come in one of two lengths and are made to be hemmed to fit the length you need. This adds cost if you have to visit your local seamstress to do it for you, but the process of hemming can be daunting to take on yourself. Our advice is to buy from a retailer like Half Price Drapes that offers you the lengths you need.


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