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4 Ways to Incorporate Cork into Your Décor

As you check out the new trends of 2017, you’ll likely notice that cork is making a comeback. At Half Price Drapes, we’re always paying attention to the latest trends to ensure we offer high quality curtains and shades that work with the latest trends as well as the most classic styles. If you’re interested in incorporating cork into your décor, then these four options may be helpful to you.

1. Cork floors

That’s right, cork is a growing floor covering option. Why? Because it’s a renewable material, it’s resistant to mold, it’s durable, and it has anti-microbial properties. This makes it a great choice for rooms that see a lot of moisture – especially bathrooms and kitchens. Parents especially like it for their crawling children, as it can keep them cleaner and safer than other flooring options.

2. Cork walls

When most people think of the cork of yesteryear, they think of beige, bland cork. Today it’s made in a huge variety of colors and styles, with some of the most popular being dark brown, white, gray, and ebony. In fact, it’s made in tiles so you can mix and match or a choose a single color, but installation is a breeze.

3. In offices

More and more people are working from home at least part of the time. A wall made not out of cork, but corkboard is a great idea. It allows them to easily pin up work-related papers, to change their décor on a moment’s notice, and to display their favorite pictures and mementos.

4. As a decorating element

Not everything is made from pre-fabbed corks. Some homeowners simply save up the corks from their wine and create incredible art. The may paint the corks to match their décor and then glue them to a unique painting, or they can follow any number of online cork tutorials that will show exactly how to make some truly special cork art pieces.

We have the curtains to fit with your new cork décor

One of the reasons that Half Price Drapes is such an exceptional drapery company is because we have a huge variety of styles, fabrics, patterns, and colors. We make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, too. For example, if you’re looking for striped curtains or accessories, we have a single page that details them all. You’ll find similar pages for different fabrics, patterns, and even colors.


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