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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Can’t Decide on Your Window Coverings

Many people find it fun to consider all the options available to them in window coverings, while others find it overwhelming. If you’ve found several options that you love and you can’t choose between them, or you’re stuck at the beginning and aren’t sure what to even look for, then we suggest you ask yourself these five questions and let your answers guide your final decision.

1. What mood do you want in each room?

As you try to figure out which window coverings are going to work best, stand in a room and ask yourself, “What do I want the mood to be in here?” For example, if you want a living room that’s warm and cozy, then you may want warm colors, while a room like a dinette that you wanted to be bright and sunny you may choose sheer curtains.

2. What’s my favorite vibe or style?

If you ask a person what their vibe or style is, they may not know, but a simpler question that’s often easy to answer is what vibe or styles they like. This may help steer you toward a particular direction. For example, if you like vintage styles then you will want very different curtains than a person who likes a hip hop vibe.

3. How do you want other people to feel in your home?

You want to decorate your home in a way that you’ll love but you should also consider how you want others to see you through your home. Remember that seeing the way a person decorates is like seeing a part of their personality.

4. What feelings do you want in each room?

How do you want to feel in a particular room? This is different from mood, in that you may have a happy excited mood but you’ll have a peaceful feeling. There are many resources online that help you discover what colors can make you feel a particular emotion.

5. How do you need your window treatments to function?

Last but certainly not least important, you must think about how you need your window coverings to function. You want them to offer the right amount of light, while also protecting your privacy. You may think about the particular size you need and order custom curtains. If you need to find the best selection to meet your needs then you need to shop with Half Price Drapes.


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