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5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Summertime Heat

In most parts of the country, summer is beating down and bringing its hottest sun rays. While it may be nice for afternoons at the pool, trying to enjoy your home in stifling heat can be a challenge. Today Half Price Drapes is here to offer up five ways you can stay cool in the heat.

1. Landscaping

This may not help you immediately, but if you want to invest in future comfort, consider planting shade trees or bushes around your property. By naturally shielding your home from the hottest rays of the day, you’ll not only save on cooling costs but your yard will be cooler and more pleasant to be in.

2. Buy Roman shades

There are many ways to cover your windows that can help keep the coolness in your home and the heat out. One great option is the Roman shade. They’re very adjustable, which makes them easy to use and at Half Price Drapes we can even create custom window coverings for your needs. Plus, you have tons of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from.

3. Add window tinting

There are simple window tint kits out there that can be attached to your windows. Think of them like sunglasses for your windows. They keep the rays out and thus prevent your home from turning into an oven during the hours the sun is shining down.

4. Invest in a grill

The key to keeping your home cool is to not heat it up in the first place. Unfortunately, homeowners often take drastic measures to cool their home, only to end up turning on their oven and heating the whole house through. The simple solution to this may be to get takeout or order pizza, but if you want a longer term option, you may want to buy a grill. It will allow you to prepare food for yourself and your family, without heating up the house.

5. Supplement A/C with fans

If you are lucky enough to have central air conditioning then you know how great it can be, but you also know how expensive it can be to run it. The good news is that there are ways to lower your AC usage while still keeping your home cool. One great option is to run fans throughout your home, especially in areas that tend to run hotter than other parts of your home.


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