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Blackout Velvet Curtains

Velvet Drapes

Blackout Velvet Curtains

When you’re looking to make a big style impact without spending big money, choosing eye-catching curtains is ideal. You can transform the look and feel of a room with just a simple change in window treatments. Blackout velvet curtains are a sophisticated option that also saves money on energy costs, and they work well throughout the home.

Elevate Your Home with a Luxury Look

The lush, rich look of velvet drapes adds elements of luxury and elegance. Velvet adds a blend of softness and drama, with a slight luster that elevates the look of any room in your home. It also has a flowing, lovely drape and soft natural folds that are easy to keep looking beautiful. The wide range of color options also makes it easy to choose one that aligns with your style and decor preferences, whether you are going for a soothing neutral or a bold, deep tone.

Blackout Curtains Done in Style

Modern blackout curtains have a number of advantages, and blackout velvet curtains offer the best of both worlds by combining style and function. Blackout curtains are perfect for saving energy on your home’s heating and cooling costs (experts say they can curtail heat and air conditioning that escapes a room by 25 percent), they also block light and noise. This makes them a great choice for bedrooms, guest rooms, or anywhere you want to reduce light and noise. You won’t be stuck with a rigid unsightly backing either as today’s blackout velvet curtains are made with soft, beautiful blackout backings that complement the rich-looking velvet.

Where to Hang Velvet Blackout Curtains

Velvet blackout curtains are ideal for adding a warm, romantic feel to a bedroom, bringing style and class to living or dining rooms, creating a professional feel within a home office or exuding an inviting atmosphere in a guest room. With the luxe appearance and both light and noise-blocking abilities, velvet blackout drapes are excellent for media rooms, dens, or entertaining areas as well. Children’s rooms and nurseries will also be quieter and soothing with this type of curtain. If you’re looking to partition off a room, velvet curtains are also a great choice because of their style and how well they hang.

Unique and Beautiful

There’s no denying that velvet curtains have a unique appeal with their gorgeous texture and rich, graceful appearance. They can be custom fitted for your windows, come in a range of colors well-suited to modern homes, and can work well with a variety of rooms and decor styles. The addition of a blackout backing adds to their value, allowing you to cut energy costs and reduce light and noise where you need it. Consider these curtains for your next window treatment upgrade!


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