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Can You Guess Which 5 Decorating Styles Were Voted the Homiest?

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect interior décor will do. Some people want it to look modern, others want to give off the feeling of wealth. Then others just want people to feel cozy and comfortable in their homes. A recent survey asked people: What decorating style do you think is the coziest and homiest? These are their answers.

1. Shabby chic

Also known as the favorite décor of the thrift store diva, shabby chic is what you get when you refinish furniture, add a coat of paint, and embrace the distressed look. It generally mixes and matches different fabrics, colors, and textures.

2. Bohemian

With bright colors, lots of fabric, a variety of patterns, and well-worn furniture, the Bohemian style often utilizes ethnic fabrics and accessories. If shabby chic is the look of those who love a thrift or second hand store, then Bohemian is the look of those who shop at flea markets.

3. Cottage style

Imagine a quaint Irish cottage on a green hillside, complete with smoke rising from the chimney, a huge wooden table in the kitchen, and beautiful red curtains. This is the epitome of cottage style. Favorite accessories for this style include plates hung on the walls, collectible spoons, and striped goods.

4. Farmhouse

What was once simply considered practical for a large number of people throughout the United States is now a style – farmhouse style, to be exact. This uses reclaimed woods, handmade furniture, simple patterns, and everything unique.

5. Western style

Of course, what looks homey to one person may not be homey to another, and a lot of what makes the difference is the part of the country a person lives in. Someone from the southwest may not relate to the Bohemian style but they’re likely to find a western style to feel homey and cozy. At Half Price Drapes, we always want to remind our clients that so much depends on your personal taste. Whether you want elegant, classy curtains, or cozy, cute gingham, we have you covered. We’re always here to help you select from fine fabrics at great prices – and we even offer free fabric samples. Just order up to $10 worth of whatever fabric squares you want and we’ll send them to you free of charge – all you pay is a small shipping fee.


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