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Can Your Home Décor Really Change the Way You Feel?

According to psychologists and interior designers, there are some home decorating tips that not only look great but can change the way you feel. Read on to learn how to evoke a particular feeling in a room and then shop for all your drapery needs at Half Price Drapes.

Decorating to feel happy

Most people would like to feel happy in every room of their house, so this advice can work for any room. For many homes, the kitchen and / or living room may be the gathering places so you often see this tip used there. Essentially, if you want to feel happy in a room make sure it’s filled with light, that air is circulating, and that you choose elegant furnishings.

Decorating to feel relaxed

The bathroom and bedroom are two rooms in which people often want to feel relaxed and comfortable. According to decorators, the best way to do this is to use warm textures, warm fabrics, and bold, rich colors.

Decorating to feel romantic

Most people follow these tips when designing their bedroom but we say you can them anywhere! If you want to make a room make you feel romantic, choose fabrics that are soft and beg to be touched. For curtains, make sure that you let them drape or flow freely. We recommend soft, cotton curtains that are longer than necessary so they can pool dramatically on the floor.

Final thoughts for most rooms

Above you’ve learned a little bit about how to get certain feelings in various rooms of the home. Now we want to share some more general information about choosing colors and fabrics. Remember that when you choose lighter colors, you’ll be opening up a right, while darker colors can create a cozier, but more enclosed, feeling. Even if you choose some dark elements, you do want to be careful not to overpower any given room with too many dark colors.

Finding the best drapes for your home

Choosing the right drapes is an important part of the decorating process. The key is to find drapes that are high quality, affordable, and available in a wide range of fabrics can colors. That may seem an impossible feat but the good news is that Half Price Drapes covers all those bases for you. Shop our huge selection and order up to $10 worth of fabric swatches for free!


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